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  1. Watched my first game in years today and it was painful. We have nothing in any position. Possibly the worse game I have watched the latics play. Something is going to have to change quickly or we will be down before Christmas. That defence is truly the worse I think I have ever seen play in the professional leagues.
  2. Neither of the two options are realistic any time in the next 10 years so the options are irrelevant as presented... But I have been trying to push the idea for the last 15 years that the trust should be stock piling cash year on year to put itself in the sort of position to move in as a owner of last resort if the club should ever find itself in a post Chris Moores situation or to be in a position to apply force on removing future owners who have not got the clubs best interest at heart. That is whole point of a trust in my eyes... Its never too late to start doing the right
  3. Yeah I am the problem - and not 15 years of inaction / abuse towards the ones calling for change / action / and a different approach.. to the point you drove so many away.... Yeah I am the wormwood.... I wonder if you lot will ever learn the error of your ways... and I am here every day of the week... This guy needs removing - to have a gift like Scholes wanting to take on a club in our position and blowing it inside of a month... I am not even sure Corney and his gang would of even been able to mess this up quite like he has done.... I still think the trust needs to be stock pi
  4. You are literally 10 years (probably more like 15) too late to be making a stand now
  5. Unknown so called ”fans group” wants to buy stadium.... reasons and intentions unknown... Current owner of club not involved.... Trust Oldham not saying anything other than vague response basically its a secret.... Fans excited by prospect.... Have I missed anything or got anything wrong? I can see everything is as bat shit crazy as last time I logged in
  6. Nice story - sounds like you have never been to an away day before ...
  7. I pay 7.99 a race to watch F1 on Sky - so 10 is a lot in comparison.... But I will pay it - its cheaper than going to the ground and more accessible with the family etc
  8. I will... Just heard about this service today! How much of the 10 pounds goes to the clubs ?
  9. Will he get the resources he will require or is it just another slow death march to the same old outcome....
  10. This. Its why many drifted away. The idea any Oldham has ever demanded success is laughable. You do need hope though. TTA failed dreams resulting in no land, no money and that stand we dont own pretty much finished off any hope many had. You all need to hold this new owner to account and get him to say what his plans are now. Has he said anything yet?
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