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  1. Curle is not the problem, but he doesn’t half talk some shit. Owner out, directors out, Curle out… burn it all down.
  2. Yeah, self preservation has finally kicked in eh? He’s less prepared to spout the outright bullshit he’s been spewing at us since he got here. He knows the game’s nearly up for him here and instead of keeping the owners sweet, he’s switching to laying the ground in the media for why none of this is his fault for when he’s interviewing for his next job. Absolutely zero respect for this crap.
  3. I saw West Dids & Chorlton last week who are battling it out with New Mills at the top of the division. 5-1 win, 300 folks there I reckon, non stop singing from the shed behind the goal with some incredible novelty chants, quality beer for sale at both ends of the ground. The killer is I took my 8 year old who has been to dozens of Oldham games with me since he was born, most recently the first match this season. The NWCFL experience was genuinely his favourite by far and he can't wait to go again. Oldham will always be my team, but through the eyes of an 8 year old it can feel like a thoroughly miserable experience more often than not unfortunately.
  4. I think there is probably an element of us signing players who are already known crocks. Because that's why they are available (and cheap) in the first place.
  5. 100% echo this. Im 46, so i’ve seen the best and the worst. I can’t imagine it not being there and nothing would replace it. Having said that, this week I feel like we’re winning, the tide is turning.
  6. I have family connections with Oldham Athletic that go back 100 years. As long as this club exists i’ll follow it anywhere. But I don’t live in Oldham any more. If we merged or there was a phoenix club I would wish it nothing but success - but it wouldn’t be my team and it wouldn’t be local for me either. I’d have no rational or emotional reason to get involved. Instead, I’d go and watch my local NWCFL team - I went there instead of the Barrow game because I was too pissed off at the idea of putting money in the owners’ pockets last week. It was a bloody great Saturday afternoon out.
  7. Whatever anyone thinks about politicians in general, or Angela Rayner specifically, I can't see how it can be a bad thing that a local MP has tried to contact the owner of a significant local community organisation to talk about constituents' concerns? That's exactly what MPs should be doing right? Why would we not want support and coverage from absolutely anyone with any profile at this point?
  8. Think i’ll be fired quicker than Arteta after my start today.
  9. It’s funny how differently we see the game. I reckon Bowden had tons of touches today - not saying he did a great deal with it - but he was tidy, almost always found a man and protected it well. Decent start. I barely noticed Whelan at all. The team was set up not to lose, committed absolutely no one forward and hoped to steal it from a set piece. I can see why we tried that, but it’s hard to complain when that doesn’t work against a team prepared to take a few more chances than we were.
  10. Plenty of booing when the players took the knee. Is Mo vetting these new players for Marxist sympathies? The proud, white free market capitalists of Oldham demand answers.
  11. Another really good interview. I've not heard Wheater speak before so wasn't sure what to expect from him but he sounds like a really great, down to earth bloke. There's no doubt being the conduit between club and players left him in an extremely difficult situation, especially once the goal posts started shifting around. It seems that at a senior level in the club there was / is no joined up strategy, thinking or communications whatsoever, with the owners, Barry, Natalie and then Karl all contradicting each other. I think they are making it up as they go along and anyone caught in the middle of that gets spit out. Once again I'm just left with a sense of shame and embarrassment that my club treats people this way and anger that our reputation is slowly being poisoned throughout the game.
  12. The absolute state of the trolling in this thread. Pathetic. Depressing and utterly pathetic. Fans want a better run club. How the fuck can we not unite around that?
  13. Only just noticed this, have belatedly joined - already have my excuse in for coming last
  14. Good listen this folks, summed up how I felt about the Eriksen situation perfectly too. One of the most traumatic things I've witnessed and I'm certain with hindsight the BBC and UEFA will wish they had handled things differently. I've totally missed potentially questionable funding for the Foundation so will have to check this out. I wish I could get excited about England - I love a tournament, but just never been able to get into supporting the England football team. Well, not since '90 anyway. Keep it up!
  15. Ha, I missed out an 'allegedly' back there He allegedly stuck the boot in on Angela Rayner, and was behind the complaints to Sir Keir about her choice of clothes on Hartlepool visits etc. Allegedly. Ha. I should probably avoid the politics. I'll only get even more wound up than I do about the ****ing owners of OAFC.
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