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  1. Beyond fed up with this total shit show. But biting my tongue for now. If Rowe is replaced by a better player then we’re headed in the right direction. If he’s replaced by a worse player then we’re going even further backwards. Let’s see what you got Mo. Anything?
  2. Good to hear Morais speak. Properly has his head screwed on. Is discrete enough not to go into details, but you still get a feel for what it’s like behind the scenes.
  3. Underwhelming is an understatement. Do you want blue, blue or blue for the home kit? And would you prefer red, red or red for away?
  4. Every manager we’ve ever had, good and bad, makes decisions that baffle us, that make no sense on paper. The number of times i’d lose my shit about some decision Joe Royle made is absolutely unbelievable. Maybe they see something in training we don’t, maybe it’s adapting a system to the opposition, maybe they’re saving the owner money, maybe a player isn’t fit or is carrying a knock, maybe they’re just a terrible, terrible manager. I don’t think Kewell has done anywhere near enough to tell us whether he’s a good manager or not. Nowhere near. I mean, I guess
  5. “It’s certainly down to the manager and whether he wants to pick them” was the direct quote. What a joke.
  6. CEO Karl Evans says on the radio this afternoon that whether Wheater or Woods play or not is purely down to the manager. “It’s certainly down to the manager and whether he wants to pick them”
  7. Probably not a surprise, not sure what else he can say, but evasive on every question put to him. Says whether Wheater and Woods play or not is purely down to the manager and simply depends whether he wants to play them. The fans are “just a little bit upset” he says. “It’s a little bit of a rocky period.”
  8. We don’t know Wheater’s situation, he presumably has financial commitments that he made in line with the salary he was anticipating, just like anyone else. Unless someone knows different. And unless I missed it, we don’t know what agreements were reached with the owner. Calling anyone out without understanding any of this feels off to me.
  9. I’m on IOS too. Was fine until an hour ago and all of a sudden the same thing happened.
  10. I’ve no idea whether any of the managers / head coaches we’ve had in the past couple of years are any good or not. The people signing and picking the players aren’t up to it. Without sorting that out, no one has a chance.
  11. This thread seems to be 50% complaining our only tactic is launching long balls up to short forwards who can’t win it and 50% complaining we shouldn’t try to play out from the back and should launch it instead.
  12. Fair play to Oldham Vending Services. But I liked the 125 year kits without a sponsor. Made them feel more special I guess. Feels a bit cheapened now. Nothing personal, OVS. Club shop says they won't sell one without the sponsor now, so this is it.
  13. Jesus christ that’s pathetic. In summary: “I know him; We have made money together before; Australians as a people are hard workers.”
  14. Hmmm they gave this the big 125 years build up and then... released a totally standard shirt that could have been from any time in the last 50 years. I mean it’s fine. And the badge is obviously great. But.... sigh.
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