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  1. Someone lime McCann,perhaps they are too expensive.
  2. I am not sure that anyone is denying the success on the pitch they are playing the best football since Welkens was Manager. Leaving covid aside, I still can't renew my seat in the North Stand and if I am allowed to attend I will still be a nomad.
  3. Excellent in transition from defence to attack and over recent years that has been a major issue. That is key to success.
  4. Abdallah can't cope with seasoned pros. More often than not they tell it like it is and rebel against the shitshow that our club has become.
  5. Perhaps he would then be the first Manager sacked while ill with covid. If that were to hapoen we would cement our position at the bottom of the EFL Human Relations league.
  6. When they gave Andy Rhodes the team sheet he stood up to them and got sacked.
  7. Really doesn't matter if someone else takes over next week or the week after until this club gets new ownership it has no chance of regaining its soul.
  8. Kewell was a poor appointment from the start anyone in football management in the lower leagues would have told you that.His reputation goes before him. However, it is unfair to sack him and not give him a chance. Until the owners go things will never improve whoever they dredge up from their caball to manage us in the future.
  9. Stop paying money into the club, no season tickets,no match day tickets,no I Follow,no pies,no programmes. I know some of these are not on the agenda currently, but lets not all rush back when/if they become accesible. PTB now need to start getting more agressive, lets shut down comunication with new chief executives etc etc and tell it like it is to the press.
  10. I dont think we got close enough to their players to have to isolate
  11. The football world including the FA and EFL have been fully aware of the toxic nature of our club. This latest episode is just another in a long line of disputes,sooner or later the club will fold.The EFL and FA will have stood there watching it happen in full knowledge of what has been going on, just like they did with Bury and Macc.
  12. Agreed not donating over £500 of my family budget to the tixic brothers is a pretty good protest on my part. Hope more follow suit and at least stop contributing through i follow.
  13. Once again we have signed a promising crop of new players until they play that is.
  14. Possibly, but WHO has been 10 steps behind new developments on this virus all along.
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