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  1. Curle’s not exactly a wonder coach, but a heady mix of woeful recruitment, the embargo and a weird number of knocks and injuries is killing us.
  2. Out on the piss tomorrow and watching Tarky’s Burnley kick lumps out of Arsenal.
  3. Embargoed, one of the lowest budgets in the league, the club’s name dragged through the mud, and picking up scraps from Scunthorpe and Southend. To think some of the Football Manager experts on here thought we should be challenging regardless.
  4. Oh yes absolutely. And whether the comment was intentional or naive, It must still rattle my cage.
  5. “Trying to kill the club”.. what an absolute weapon.
  6. Does anyone have a copy or a link to the infamous Abdallah timeline? Taaaa.
  7. They were never going to get to the crux of the matter in the time allotted, but Jordan pretty much made out we should be grateful of the owner if anything. Absolute clueless prat. And Moralee stating the fans are killing the club.. give me strength.
  8. Hope all the Latics fans going, and travelling long distances, enjoy their day
  9. All of the above, plus treating playing and non-playing staff better. There was an article in today’s i paper about the government naming and shaming companies who still don’t pay national minimum wage, Oldham Athletic being one of them.
  10. And miss such intelligent and thought provoking debate?
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