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  1. I hope some of the fans of these clubs remember this, and reevaluate what they want from a football club.
  2. He thinks fans should channel their anger into spending their money on season tickets and filling the stadium to make us look like an attractive proposition to buy.
  3. Yet when a poster suggests protesting about the shocking way the club is run you suggest there’s nothing to protest about and we’re just a rubbish League 2 side.
  4. Fascinating, but ultimately quite depressing really. Some of the things he brings up though, I mean, struggling to find a field to train on whilst fighting to stay in League 1 being one of the many face-in-palm-what-the-friggin-Nora moments. edit: “Abdallah, the wages are late”. “Well in Dubai you might get your wages two months late...”
  5. So we brought in another team’s goalkeeper coach to play for us, yet we don’t even have a full time goalkeeper coach coaching at the club?
  6. The lack of reserve grade football means the gap between youth team and first team is too big. It’s a lot harder for the kids to break through without getting blooded against experienced pros in reserve games.
  7. Why are Vale’s stands so far from the pitch? Did it used to have a running track?
  8. We’ve had no shots on target but apparently had one ‘clear cut chance’ to their zero.. statistics can really be a load of bollocks sometimes. Tune.
  9. Have they been playing golf on Port Vale’s pitch?
  10. A nice two month preliminary period so both parties can “get a feel for each other”. and then this: .. if he even takes the job in the off-season, which I’m not convinced he would.
  11. I imagine they’ve already lined someone up, it’s how they seem to work. If it’s not someone already at the club, I wonder if Sol Campbell would take it, or would getting stung at a mismanaged Macclesfield put him off?
  12. If it was Keith Curle with full control of team matters I would consider renewing my ST. But the chances of that are slim to non.
  13. Looking like a good chance of Rochdale and Wigan away.
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