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  1. Jombati is a RB. It’s no wonder he’s no good at CB, especially given the amount of different CB-pairings we’ve had this season (5? 6?) Would a match fit Wheater improve the defence? Of course he would. Enough to reach the play-offs? No chance. and Dino or Kewell? **** me, it’s like two bald men fight over a comb.
  2. A snippet from HK’s post-game: “The players have to know that there's more to football than scoring goals”.
  3. I certainly miss the days-out at the likes of Blackburn, Sheff Utd and Wednesday, Bristol City and Huddersfield.
  4. The Pound Bakery Arena? Cash Converters Stadium? The Gold Star Boundary Park?
  5. Nazon’s goals at Blackburn.. was a good day out that.
  6. Which he probably won’t disagree with you about.. so why all the bitterness? Because some of his opinions differ to yours or because he’s a journalist?
  7. Enjoyed the pod, and it was interesting to listen to Mike Keegan’s views. His feeling towards the club are very similar to my own and many others. Whilst there was nothing ‘new’ essentially, it’s not surprising people are quick to jump on the back and criticise a fan with a higher profile’s opinion. People seem to get pissed off when person x criticises AL more than Blitz, or vise-versa. When in reality most fans are well aware of the immense issues cause by both parties, and taking sides on who you blame more is ultimately pointless. A local journo mentions
  8. Yeah, Blitz appeared on the podcast that the Chronicle was doing. As far as Sporting Directors are concerned, in countries such as Italy were they are popular, the person in that position is held to account for their performance and hired and fired as appropriate. You just can’t see that happening with Oldham.
  9. We could do with a striker to use of the bench, to hold the ball up and be dangerous from set pieces. But we let him go. Miss you Urko.
  10. Looking forward to next season’s squad, built around Blackwood, Whelan and Piergianni.
  11. Get Bradford on the blower, quick. Tell them they’ve got the wrong man.
  12. Doubt it. Clubs are always looking for strikers, especially ones who are bagging and they may be able to get on the cheap, even if it means securing him before he’s a free agent. Doesn't matter anyway. Statto has crunched the numbers and we’ve had a lucky escape.
  13. Numerous clubs were interested according to the Bradford press release. https://www.bradfordcityfc.co.uk/news/2021/january/city-swoop-for-sought-after-rowe/
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