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  1. Hmmm.. given over a million people watched it on the BBC and the Challenge Cup final regularly has attendances of between 70,000 and 90,000 I’m not sure you can have that. Salford being a wank city is fine, obvs.
  2. Having seen the Dearnley goal online this morning, I would have loved to have been there yesterday. Despite all the ill-feeling, that would have been special.
  3. Leeds won despite being a bit off the boil. Would have been nice to see Oldham’s own Mark Flanagan lift the cup, but that’s life. Leeds did it for Rob Burrow, who’s story has touched many hearts this year.
  4. Hopefully Bilboe will stop a few strikers baggins against us.
  5. Babaganoush’s international clearance hasn’t gone through yet unfortunately.
  6. Is it possible to drown yourself in Stella Artois? Let’s find out..
  7. Oh for some managerial dinosaur to take complete control of the squad and signings, and fire us up League 2 with a team full of brutes playing hoof-ball.
  8. Wonder if anyone’s won free pies for the season in the raffle, and if they’ll be delivered to your house due to behind-closed-doors..
  9. Having watched a bit of A-League on BT Sport, I’ve found the standard fairly poor, but with the odd decent player in there. No idea how Blackwood will go on but I hope he stays fit and adapts to L2 with its shite winter pitches and physicality. I’m happier with the team compared to the last season, although I reckon a safe mid table finish maybe our limit.
  10. Of course a director of football would occasionally visit training. It’s just the fact ours is that bozo.
  11. Fair enough Unsworth Blue. I think most people just want to see the town better represented in sporting terms, especially given how poor it’s been for the majority of the last 20 years or so. Ironically the rugby club probably has a lot better reputation for paying bills than Latics has recently.
  12. Interesting as that’s not my experience at all. Some may not have a good opinion of the football club, but you also see many folk who support both clubs and attend games at both. It’s certainly not like Wigan, who have a more definite split between fans.
  13. The club’s issues with paying ground rental was a good 15-20 years ago after it was reformed. They’ve had a good relationship with Stalybridge and Whitebank since.
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