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  1. It will be interesting to see what happens with allocations. Would they not be done away with to discourage travel? The guidance on the link from Matt above says for step 3-6 fans are asked to follow the government advice and not travel from a Tier 3 area. However that is advisory and not mandatory and so if there are allocations in principle then I guess the question arises as to whether clubs will make them available in practice.
  2. So the only fixture that Latics fans within GM would be able to go to (capacity dependent) is FCUM away?
  3. I think you'll find according to the Fishal that is former 'favourite' Jonny Placide. Which is a strange description of someone who played an important role in our relegation.
  5. I reckon it could have turned in the Main Stand after the North Stand closed but then we started banging in a load of goals and winning home games.
  6. Yes but which do you think is more likely when it was blindingly obvious we needed more of an attacking threat at the start of last season - 1. Barry said 'there is a lad at Bristol City who I was tracking when he was on loan at Tranmere'; or 2. Barry said 'I'll call Lee Johnson and ask if he can lend us someone'
  7. He's a fucking puppet and a sycophant. Part of the problem, not the solution.
  8. Not putting any more money into the club should be a no brainer. In normal times I can see how some would say they'd rather support the team, but surely paying for a stream (which is pretty much the club's only revenue source) has no effect on the XI and cannot be an enjoyable way to spend an afternoon/evening. Owning the club needs to be an unattractive proposition to AL. There's a lot that could be done in normal times that can't be done now, but starving of any revenue is very straightforward.
  9. As an aside, what an absolutely ridiculous thing to write. He watched the groundwork laid for a similar club to us going to the wall. The red flags are all over the place at Latics and the Trust should be absolutely shitting themselves about the same happening to us. The events and stories are not entertainment and, though I accept it may just be unfortunate phrasing, the levity insinuated is really worrying and symptomatic of why so many fans have so little faith in the Trust however well meaning those involved are.
  10. The issue as far as 'the wider problem' is concerned isn't whether NA was good or bad at her job. The issue is that this is their person for the job. She towed the party line (seemingly unwaveringly). She implemented what must have been their directives. And she's been booted. It was exactly the same issue with Dino. The fact he may not have been our cup of tea is irrelevant - the powers that be seemingly now can't even work with the people the most powerful cogs in the engine that they sought out and put in place. It's a complete and utter shitshow and how
  11. Is that 1 up front or has DKD been playing as a striker?
  12. First hand accounts all over this board of why people aren't wishing or willing to go and watch their team, and yet some continue to dismiss those accounts as untrue. Ostriches.
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