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  1. It is the way the input site is set up. The Latics score is always first box (on the left) whether they are home or away, and I suspect because we were away the Southend score was entered in the first box, ie the Latics box. It does state that Latics score is the first box on the input sheet, but I do think there needs to be a note on there to highlight this fact more. It seems other predictors have had the same problem in the past.
  2. Hey, just a moment. My lad supports Geelong, so pull your neck in. However, in your defence (to me) all AFL supporters are moaners, My lad moans that Geelong have not won enough flags, because they are in the finals almost every year, but very rarely win the flag. When they lose to Richmond he will tell me how poor his team is. I just wish the Latics had been as "unsuccessful" as Geelong over the last 30 years. Lucky you. You will be able to watch the final in Queensland, with 2 Victorian teams playing
  3. Can we call the prediction season over now and preserve the Premier league table as is? It's just that I get some satisfaction from certain players being in certain positions (me and someone else).
  4. After watching the highlights and reading all the comments on here. I am glad I cancelled my ifollow subscription. It's only one game I know. I hope Latics can make me regret my decision.
  5. Has anyone actually watched Australian footy? Yep, quite a bit on TV and in person (Come on Victory!). In my opinion the A league is around upper League 1 standard, and the 2 Clubs (Sydney United & Adelaide) he has played for, are some of the better teams in the A league. Seeing Latics are in League 2 I see Blackwood as a positive step. Ex Latics player Joseph Mills who played for FGR and now Northampton (I'm surprised) played for Perth Glory here a few seasons ago, but could not catch the team on a regular basis. I did not rate him much when I saw him in the A
  6. That quote dates you. Young people won't understand
  7. I think I screwed the first prediction up because I did not use a capital in my name, so I submitted another one exactly the same with the CAPIAL. Sorry for the mess up.
  8. With only 6 players on the retained list, AL must be expecting a second wave. Of "French Lads" that is.
  9. After 5 games this season, Exeter were top and Northampton were near the bottom on the same points as Latics. Northampton were the maggots we could only draw against in our last game of League one which allowed Rochdale to go above us and we got relegated (sorry to bring painful memories back). What the hell have we become? Where the hell are we going? Rhetorical questions, no need to answer.
  10. Portsmouth were paying about this rate of revenue on players wages when they were in the Premiership. It just helps to grease the inevitable slide to League 2 and beyond.
  11. Congratulations to @lookersstandandy @GlossopLatic @Brisbaneblue (another Aussie winner this year) and @oafc21 After @lookersstandandy came runner up last year, he has gone one better. Well done. Another one to watch in the future is @south east latic. Last year was League one champion, this year in the championship play offs. Similarly @Nohairdontcare he was League one play off winner last year, now this year he is in the championship play offs! The leagues are really starting to grade the players now. Commiseration to former multiple champion @DavidCollinge
  12. Crawley 1-1 Oldham (HT 0-0) - Rowe - 2171
  13. I heard this song today and I thought this part was apt OAFC.mp3
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