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  1. Does anyone remember the George Best training drills that used to be shown on children's TV in the late 60s/early 70s? Best would explain how to perfect a particular skill and then show said skill in a match situation. The opponents were Latics.
  2. I could be there in three: I'm 45 minutes from the airport, the flight is 1 hour and 25 minutes and then 30 minutes on the speedboat.
  3. Stick the kettle on. I'll pop down and watch it with you.
  4. Yes! That's Latics and that's my childhood. If I was ever invited on Desert Island Discs (which I admit is unlikely) this would be the one record I would keep, purely for its connection to the club.
  5. It's made headlines in the Thai press and we're currently trending on Twitter. http://www.goal.com/th/ข่าว/บทบาทใหม-สโคลเขาสมภาษณงานกนซอ-โอลดแฮม/1idip1vmp0zpl1pwoz7ds0iqpd
  6. The win at Eastville on Easter Saturday, 1974 was one of the best days I've ever had as a Latics fan. The two matches either side of it (both against Southport) were pretty memorable too!
  7. I've just checked again and they're not. D'oh! Absolutely gutted. At least I'll get a full night's sleep. . .
  8. I'm planning to get up and watch this match on iFollow. Does anyone know how long before kick off the Match Pass option becomes active and how long it takes to sign in? I have only registered for the free subscription and haven't made any payments before. Thanks.
  9. https://www.fourfourtwo.com.au/news/oneill-planning-second-surprise-466981 It sounds like he enjoyed his time at BP and is full of praise for the club and the fans.
  10. I'd say our best 0-0 ever was at Plymouth Argyle in May, 1974. It won us the Division 3 title.
  11. It's funny, I always remember it as a twenty five yard screamer.
  12. I was at both. One of the great injustices. Stoke absolutely battered us in both games.
  13. My grandad worked as an electrician on the first BP floodlights.
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