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  1. I wouldn't even shake his hand, never mind going that far
  2. 0-0 End of season dead rubber, bloody realistic that!!
  3. You could say the same for other occupations, should the tax payers be keeping people who work in McDonalds or at the local cinema employed? not exactly essential in the grand scheme of life but these industries keep people employed, paying into the system and keeping the economy going as do football clubs. If furloughing a playing squad of league 2 players means that there are jobs available for the non-playing staff when we come out of this then it is a good thing surely? Also are football players not tax payers? They have paid into the system and if the alternative is loosing th
  4. Not a chance this would change anything, I'd love to hear how you think it will? If he hasn't seemed bothered about a reduction of roughly 1,000 fans he wouldn't bat an eye lid peaceful protest. Wasn't Barry Owen trying to get people ejected just a few days ago?
  5. Not necessarily yourself Lags but I have personally seen people abuse others choosing to stay away at the moment despite some of them being more proactive than most to highlight the issues with Abdallah and Co. Whilst Barry Owen and the rest of the cranks still call the shots, regardless of what cash drops into the tills I cannot see any improvement in the fortunes of OAFC.
  6. Sorry Lags, I just can't trust this bloke in charge to use any income wisely. Until I see a significant change in his approach my hard earned is staying firmly in my pocket. Not one fan choosing to stay away will be preventing the club from improving, it is purely down to the actions of the owner. I would not criticise anybody still wishing to go and watch and a support the team however if anybody doing so feels that they can take a morale high ground or if they consider that they are keeping the club alive then the need to have a rethink.
  7. Absolutely this. it is the stockpiling of talent amongst many other things which is killing the game.
  8. So Blitz wouldn't want AL involved if he was paying as per the agreement? not sure I believe that
  9. Yeah, actually why didn't they think of getting those few bits sorted to sort out the non payment issue going back to the beginning of the season. It probably would have stopped them initiating a Police investigation also
  10. I'd be looking to the club for an update in the first instance, as such I would say that their silence is more telling. Also how willing as a landlord would you be to do such works for a tenant if they owe you significant sums of money?
  11. Not really, Bury are a different example altogether as some parties are trying to keep the current legal entity alive (or refusing for it to die) but Steve Dale has recently defaulted on CVA which casts further doubt of it as a going concern. If Blitz calls in his debts against AL I can't see there being any agreement to repay debts and the business which AL owns will be wound up. It appears other creditors to OAFC 2004 Ltd would be minor and likely the Director loans of AL. Have a read up on the Bury situation and you will see how it differs.
  12. The sooner Blitz pulls the trigger the sooner this nightmare will be over. I am resigned now to the fact that nothing will improve under AL. The issue of the North Stand, the matter of who owns what, who owes who what is academic as is the issue of saving face. OAFC 2004 isn't long for this world under AL's stewardship. Whilst I don't think anybody is squeaky clean in this whole sorry affair the owners attitude towards the fans says it all for me and the sooner he is gone the better. We need somebody willing to come in, start again and work with Blitz,
  13. Unless fans boycott in full then this current leasership will keep treatimg them with the contempt shown so far.
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