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  1. Very impressed with that. Even if its not genuine (which I don't doubt), it shows some awareness of how to show the club in a decent light. Fair play AL, and thanks for the past month and a half PW.
  2. This league is absolutely rubbish for london teams this year, so living in those parts this draw is music to my ears. Just hope I can get a blooming ticket.
  3. England world cup absolutely no question. If latics were to miss out on promotion but having had a go at it, they have another chance immediately the next season. Then the next. Not so much the case with England which would likely be once in a lifetime.
  4. Lots of people assuming we'll be competitive and/or go straight back up. Something I find odd, as a club we are a bit more suited to league two. What worries me is we will follow suit of Tranmere, Stockport and Leyton Orient before us and end up out of the football league. I'm not usually one for knee jerk sackings but Wellens should be gone by now and we should be on the search already to start over and prepare for next season.
  5. I'm still shocked they put 4 up for sale per person on the second sale...
  6. Still find it annoying the broadway stand was built without facilities to become the "main" stand - changing rooms and such. I get why it was first to go and why the broadway stand ended up how it has, but I think long, long term we're snookered a bit now. Could imagine they are some of the worst player facilities in this division.
  7. Can't really blame them. Noticed too many dickheads trying to goad the coppers and cause trouble ruining it for everyone else. It was more embarrassing than our defensive performance in the second half.
  8. The North Stand continues on as is so guess Corney still is in with that? Hopefully can come to agreements to utilise the remaining space properly anyway.
  9. I suspect theres more to it for managers than just the view. Being closer to the centre with the players for one. The head coaches in international rugby do sit in the stands and are much more geared towards handling the game strategically.
  10. God no. We've now moved on and honestly the Chaddy arguably isn't even next on the list for redevelopment either. In a more perfect world the lookers redevelopment would have become the "new" main stand complete with changing rooms and what the players needed. That would enable the current main stand to become an option. Sadly and understandably, money was the overriding factor on getting what we ended up with.
  11. Is there anything Scholes could do to have some capacity at the club beyond being manager? Surely even he was affliated to the club he'd be able to have a positive effect.
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