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  1. I’ve sent my fiver over via PayPal. What do I need to do now? Panic. Sorted it. Panic over.
  2. Some of the Abdallah sympathisers seem to think tomorrow will be a big day for them. Will have to see what happens. If the club do plan to go somewhere else I won't be following.
  3. Frankies6 said there wouldn't be a queue of investors lining up to buy us, I was just stating that these clubs had or have people trying to take them on. While every club is different I'd suggest that there would be people that would want to buy us.
  4. If there was people interested in buying Bury and Bolton over the summer and Macclesfield currently there'll be people wanting to buy Oldham. Didn't someone contact Abdallah a few months ago seeing if he would sell the club and Abdallah refused?
  5. With just 50 seats available you think they should do. Won't be many left probably with those already ITK.
  6. Bradford City 2 Oldham Athletic 1 Wilson HT: 1-0 Att: 16529
  7. He's very unlikely to turn this around. We have no alternative at the moment because FLG haven't published their plans which is I've said we need to be patient. Protest if you must but what are you going to protest about that AL is going to listen to? He already knows the fans aren't happy and he's still going down his path. It'll be better to wait until we actually have a plan in place and someone to back. At this moment in time we don't but if FLG have their act together we will.
  8. I think we need to be patient with what is happening at the club. AL is running the club his way and at the moment there no alternative. We've asked for a fans meeting after what happened Post Scholes, we were told to postpone the meeting until the summer. Summer is over and we're now into the new season. No meeting is on the agenda and I doubt one will happen. He is dragging his feet over club accounts and is unwilling to talk to the FLG regarding the North Stand (will be a nightmare in there for a night game if there's no lighting for the kiosk area) Until an alternative to AL forms itself properly there's not much we can do. AL promises one thing and then does another, he's unlikely to change his approach on a protest, he doesn't care.
  9. So you've only just been informed about what's been going on?
  10. Forest Green Rovers 2 Oldham Athletic 0 HT: 1-0 Att: 2718
  11. Selling Edmundson for over £600k Fulham
  12. It'll be the fans fault for not buying Season Tickets and not supporting the club, it'll be FLG's fault because they caused the Joe Royle Stand to be closed, It'll be Corney and Blitz fault because they left the club in a state. Abdallah has done nothing wrong. It's sickening to see them all pat each other on the back and pretending the rubbish they come out with is somehow fact.
  13. Can Lemgasam get rid of the Trust's position on the board?
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