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  1. Isnt he playing for Preston aswell this year? Some fans are still delusional about the pull this club holds. Matty Lund and Doyle would be classed as major signings for us these days.
  2. He is such a legend. Love that lad, and would love it if he has another swansong and then becomes gaffer in the future
  3. I can remember him just passing it into touch when put under some slight pressure, and thats it
  4. Amazing seen as I meant to put us down for a 3-2 defeat!!
  5. I watched the first 2 minutes where he mentions at least twice that Harry Kewell, with 11 points for 12 games with a 20th league position, is doing a very good job, and realised that was enough for me.
  6. He was a very good player for us when played in the centre of the park, people forget that. He would make a mockery of the whole of our current squad. I am still in denial about him leaving
  7. Rowe I imagine is not up to the fitness levels, as he was forced to miss nearly all of pre season due to similar incident to Wheater, however Rowe settled the dispute. Dearnley we desperately need on the pitch every minute, but he was injured at start of season so again could be used a little less right now. Unfortunately we have a very poor squad, so making 5 or 6 changes per game means we will be putting out terrible sides most weeks. Our strongest 11 currently has 2 or 3 that are not fully fit. Kewell maybe got it right/lucky to play the weaker starting 11 against Southend as they were so s
  8. I wouldn't go into work if they didn't pay me. And if I was contracted in a way where I couldn't get another job, I would be suing the company for breach of contract. Why should Wheater be any different?
  9. Aye, the BBC sport and football page didnt even so much as glimpse it. I saw Kowenickis post, but assumed that was from a local BBC page or the lower league page.
  10. Villa have just paid £20m for Arsenals back up goalie. The article about Macc cant even be seen on the BBC website. The whole game is lopsided, and stinks. I wouldn't be surprised without reform if there are not 10-20 more teams, including us,following suit in the next 10 years as more clubs throw money trying to keep up with those at the top, and it is not sustainable.
  11. Possibly. Bonnie Tyler . . . . . . Roy Martin Tyler
  12. Roys better than Martin Tyler. At least he says whats in his head, and not just words from a football cliches book.
  13. Does it matter? Honestly never understand fans interest in club finances. Noone has any idea whats happening with money in OAFC anyway!
  14. In - paid via paypal. svenska7777@hotmail.com. Forgot to add username to transaction.
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