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  1. A couple some of us oldies might remember. Tony Bailey from Derby County in the season we won the old Third Division. Ray Treacy from WBA (I think) set off like a train on fire but if memory serves got injured.
  2. Dr Kelso’s surgery was in Lees, he was my GP for quite a few years.
  3. Nothing on the official yet, but that doesn’t surprise me
  4. I’ve already done this research study. The throat swab is awkward when doing it yourself but I found the nose swab the most uncomfortable. As you say, if it helps to get things back to normal, then great.
  5. Yes that’s probably what I was thinking about
  6. RIP Big Jim One of my early favourites. I think Jim Williams of the Chron wrote a fantastic piece about him scoring a goal once, I can’t bring it to mind now, maybe Diego can jog my memory.
  7. If memory serves me it was a League Cup tie at Middlesbrough where Billy Johnston broke his ankle after a tackle from the Boro' defender Dickie Rooks.
  8. My very first hero at Latics, I also named my son after him. Condolences to his family
  9. In the late 60's we lost to South Shields at home after a replay.
  10. I don't think will will go down, but tomorrow is a huge game, lose and we are deep in it. On a personal note, Latics were in the old 4th Division when I started watching them so it will be a 50 year full circle for me.
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