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  1. Can you please define what a true fan is? I'm unsure what that's supposed to mean!!
  2. I need a ticket for my lad if anyone can help cheers
  3. I got a PS4. Is there anyone out there that has one so i can get some fwends?
  4. Ipswich away for me, Sat in the paddock opposite the camera with a load of Ipswich fans, they werent even arsed we were celebrating and even told us to go on the pitch. Most vivid moment was when Gunnar smashed his head on the advertising infront of me, nasty bang so we all went running down to the front. Also i was wearing the most ghastly early 90's jumper so was kinda glad i didnt get caught on camera.
  5. Job description Location: Royton, Oldham Hours: 37.5 a week (Monday-Sunday 9am-5pm) Other benefits- 28 days holiday inclusive of public holidays, discounts for friends or family on O2. COMPANY: MID Properties Retail Ltd (O2 Retail & B2B Partner) MID Properties Retail Limited is now seeking accomplished, Telesales Executive to sell a portfolio of O2 products and services to support our rapidly expanding business. This is an exciting opportunity for highly motivated, driven individuals to join our professional sales teams. As a key member of the team, working w
  6. Please move if needs be. Looking for staff for our contact centre in Royton contacting Businesses in the North West. Working Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. If you are interested please email john.beard@retail.o2.com with your CV and salary expectations. More information on request. Cheers
  7. Ive been French, Jamaican, Brazillian and even pretended i was from Rochdale to get special treatment!
  8. If i could i would matey, but unfortunately they decided to go with England Rugby!
  9. As some of you may be aware we held a trial at Boundary Park on Saturday for a MMS service. We need to compile a report so we can look at taking it to market. If you took part in the trial, please can you let us know what you thought, what would you do differently and does it add to a customer experience? If you can email john.beard@retail.o2.com it would be appreciated, and hopefully we will be looking at making it bigger and better next time. Thanks
  10. Tesco use the O2 masts, but not all of them! Why would the biggest single network give a cheaper alternative the same coverage? Same with Giff Gaff
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