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  1. Without Wheater, we should just about be able to put out an 11 + 7 without relying on the scholars. However, there are so many Sat, Tue, Sat fixtures coming up during the coming season, every squad member could well have a part to play at some point, which makes me think that overall, we are still 2 or 3 light. I bet Kewell is grateful that we haven’t had a midweek fixture, so with a home tie and an an encouraging win Just a few days ago, he can’t have wished for anything more in preparation for Saturday.
  2. Surely, we must have enough material for a new thread - ‘Ex staff and that’?
  3. Ben Garrity signs on a season long loan from Blackpool.
  4. I agree, new broom and all that, if Harry is allowed to use it though, we shall see!
  5. I’ve read that he’s owed money, therefore he’s possibly unsettled at the club. Also, he’s seemingly not featured much in the friendly match reports I’ve read. He might not be off, but maybe he’s just slipped down the pecking order, especially if the Everton lad signs to add further competition up front. Throughout recruitment there’s been a lot of references to HK’s style of play, maybe Rowe doesn’t fit with that!?
  6. With the uncertainty surrounding Woods, Wheater, Hamer and Rowe, I think we all hope that Crusoe will be pretty busy updating for some time to come. There must be 2 or 3 others close to a deal. Saul Milanovic, Josh Hope and Manasse Mampala have all been strongly rumoured.
  7. Crusoe lists our 13 contracted pros which realistically could actually be 11 if Woods and Wheater are, as alleged, frozen out due to Covid contract related issues. Please correct me if I’m wrong but La Paz, Branger, Mouche and Egert are also no longer part of the 20/21 squad. Historically, our first team squad of 22-25 players has generally been the norm, which has included a full complement of loans, plus the odd promising youth or two. So, where does that leave us now? Are we still around 8 or 9 signings short?
  8. No, he has 1 year left on his contract. Another loan signing then for us?
  9. Mani Dieseruvwe has to be a strong rumour as I believe he’s training with us.
  10. It’s no wonder Dino’s Q&A with us was cancelled, and still remains unscheduled.......
  11. I know she probably has far more important things to deal with, but....... Is Natalie still working through those personal replies she promised to those supporters who emailed her to forgo their entitlement to the 5 match refund? I sent mine on 19th June. Did anyone receive a reply?
  12. Behind closed doors for the first 3 weeks, then doors open again for supporters on 1st October 2020.
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