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  1. Yes, as he’s unlikely to play much at all, he counts as Jameson’s other half.
  2. £5 Concessions, ridiculous! If they’re taking a tenner each off both mum and dad, then it should be free entry for the youngsters. My lad’s season ticket works out at just £1.74 per game!
  3. So another ill timed waste of money then.
  4. He has, and he choked out some very harsh words about the players. He then alluded to the club’s philosophy of ‘continue to buy shite and expect different results’ as complete lunacy.
  5. Stick with Curle, or Let’s Twist Again, (like we did last summer)?
  6. Partington posted on there last week about how he felt his tide was turning....Grieve had already done the same. Half an hour later the post, along with the group had disappeared. One week on and it would seem that ‘The Realistic Supporters’ page no longer exists. Does anyone concur?
  7. Conclusion: As things stand, Bamboo will be 70 minutes fresher than Missile when they return to English football.
  8. So that explains why Curly, in his latest interview, has decided he ‘fancies’ a couple of the youth team. “Fill the bench” he says.
  9. That’s exactly how interpreted the announcement at first! However, It does suggest that the £160 purchase by mid April for existing ST holders is not subject to any further refund so I guess the £40 refund has already been applied. Quote: With the exception of adult prices after the 28th May, the prices above are the full price payable for renewing your season ticket, and no further refunds are applicable.
  10. Maybe the philosophy is a changing... Even Gary O’Donoghue can see we are crying our for some experience here and there.
  11. Come on Kieran Lee, just give us year and a half of your midfield expertise please. That’ll do for starters.
  12. Welcome back LS(2). As much as the team has missed the honesty, values and experience that Chris McCann brought to the team, the message board has in equal measure missed you.
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