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  1. Agree.And the blatant holding at corners - does my head in.
  2. Good post but not sure where the ‘seems to believe his own hype’ comment about Kewell comes from? In his interviews he come across as a balanced character acknowledging that he has made mistakes in the past. He speaks of what he is trying to do in training and believes that, albeit slowly, players are taking things on board. Yes he has made mistakes but let’s not forget that we are only thirteen league games into the season. And if yesterday showed us anything it highlighted how inconsistent footballers can be. Eight of the starting eleven turned in that woeful perfor
  3. This has got to be up there with the most ‘load of old tosh’ posts ever on this board. Did someone hack your account @Wardie?
  4. The team today showed three changes today from the starting eleven against Scunthorpe. Two of those were due to injuries to Clarke and Jameson. So acceptable pissing around methinks
  5. Rowe scored a good one at Wembley for Fylde too: 3 minutes and 48 seconds in. Almost as good as the one today
  6. No experience and will never amount to much...
  7. What a good win. We could have had three or four but so could they. Their goal apart we defended well. Lawlor excellent again and Piergianni was my MotM. Unexpected but I’ll take that!
  8. Update on Clarke and Jameson - both injured Jameson serious
  9. Agree with the first part of that statement ... there is absolutely no point as HK will always surprise you. So... do we think that Clarke & Jameson are a) injured b) isolating c) rested d) dropped ?
  10. McAleny - been looking at the number of games he has played - he’s 28 years old and has averaged 15 games a season...
  11. I dream of a game when we have that contribution...
  12. Just listened to HK’s pre-match on the official website - no McAleny or Dearnley and Badan is still weeks away.
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