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  1. Kewells last 14 league games Losses: 6 Draws: 4 Wins: 4 Goals for: 21 Goals against: 23 Curles 14 games Losses: 7 Draws: 3 Wins: 4 Goals for: 23 Goals against: 25
  2. On the assumption that the scholars in the above list will be here next season, these are the only players I would keep or attempt to keep: 5. Carl Piergianni (2022) 14. Dylan Fage (2022) 8. Callum Whelan (2022) 10. Davis Keillor-Dunn (2022) 23. Nicky Adams (2022) 24. Dylan Bahamboula (2022) 7. George Blackwood (2022) 18. Conor McAleny (2021) 19. Zak Dearnley (2022) The rest can leave or should be moved on. The likelihood of course is that some of those contracted until 2022 will be here - Diarra, Badan, Jameson - squad fillers at best. That
  3. Better balance to the side with the obvious exception that we don’t have an actual striker on the pitch... another 4-3 anybody?
  4. Curle did say that there will be a few changes in his pre-match interview.
  5. It all depends if the interviewer asks the right questions. This is a chance to hold Barry Owen to account and not to let him get away with platitudes or bland pronouncements. Think Naga Munchetty on BBC Breakfast as opposed to Alex Jones on The One Show
  6. If Exeter win their home game against Barrow then Salford cannot make the top seven.
  7. Luckily my round trip is only 380 miles so I can make it.
  8. I too made the trip up for this. Disappointing turnout? It was abysmal. If all who are so vocal in their condemnation of the current owners could make the next protest then it might have more impact.
  9. Is not also just as pointless to stick with a manager who in his short tenure continues to pick a player whose ‘unnatural’ position is on the pitch, who demonstrates a lack of tactical awareness or ability to motivate players or even to get them to perform the basic skills on the pitch.? Lets not forget that Curle was brought in on a short term basis when Kewell was sacked. He has given a fairly blunt and damning assessment of the players he has worked with for the past couple of months. By the same token we have had an opportunity to form an opinion on the managers approach and c
  10. Not sure i agree with this sweeping generalisation. Whereas I totally agree that the constant hiring and firing of managers is the wrong approach, I am far from convinced that Keith Curle is the right man for the job. And yes I subscribe to the ‘no manager could work successfully under these clowns’ school of thought. It’s just that he will criticise the abilities and technical skills of the players yet insist that we play out from the back. He chooses to play certain players in unnatural positions, such as Jameson on the right of a back three, Clarke as a right wing b
  11. Even if someone would pay £6m for the ground, I reckon that the Main Stand and possibly the Chaddy End would need serious renovation/replacing. The cost of that alone would probably run into millions.
  12. Curle managerial record since taking over: Played 13 Won 4 Drawn 3 Lost 6 Scored 23 Conceded 22 Points 15 out of 39 I accept that he has had to work with an average group of footballers but I am not impressed with his tactical and positional choices. In the short time he has been here, his demeanour has noticeably changed as he realises the size of the task he faces. Given the the likelihood that, if he stays, he will not get a huge playing budget for next season, I doubt whether he will be able to bring in the type of players he wants.
  13. Starting XI: Walker (GK), Clarke, Jameson, Piergianni (C), Borthwick-Jackson, Adams, Whelan, Garrity, McAleny, Dearnley, Barnes. Bench: Bilboe (GK), Fage, Badan, McCalmont, Vaughan, Keillor-Dunn, Bahamboula.
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