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  1. Harry Clarke gives his first interview on the official site: https://www.oldhamathletic.co.uk/news/2020/october/28102020-clarke-post-southend-a/ A snippet that you guys might be interested to hear when he was asked about the partnership with Piergianni: ”I’ve learnt so much off him just in the last two weeks, he’s always talking and always helping and I’m just grateful to play with him” *waits for the inevitable ‘well he would say that’ comments... ’
  2. And probably 75 to 80% of the fans of the rest of the league teams say about themselves too
  3. I thought I’d revisit my prematch post in the light of what actually transpired - see in-line comments above. Let’s be honest ... Southend were very poor so we only needed to be less poor to win the game. Salford you are next.
  4. Grant scores the first. Great ball from Whelan for Dearnley to score the winner
  5. It must be the shortest strike force in our 125 year history...
  6. No need - we’ll batter them in the ninety minutes banking the 22k winners prize plus a share of the television fee.
  7. It really is important that we do well tonight. Important for Harry Kewell because a defeat might mean he gets the sack. Important for the team as losing to the bottom of the league may well erode what little confidence is left. Important for me as I cannot bear the thought of watching another performance like the one we put in first half on Saturday. Whatever the starting eleven, one or two players need to step up: McEleny needs to get onto the ball more and onto the scoresheet again. Rowe has done well but needs to have a few more shots on goal.
  8. Depending on how many games are shown live by BBC&BT - possibly five - our tie has a good chance of being one of them.
  9. We were expected to win but it wasn’t looking good...Their penalty should not have been given, and though we left it late we deserved to win. I was at the game and the general feeling was that Bunn was gone if we lost the game - as it turned out, he didn’t last too much longer
  10. This for me. Hamer will be 21 years old next month. Since his debut in January 2018 he has played nigh on 100 first team games. A rest would do him the world of good methinks.
  11. Colchester and Carlisle. And it is possible for an individual player to player to play extremely well for a team despite that team not winning the game. Suggest you stay a little longer in the shower.
  12. Strange comment from @Chaddyexile84... Piergianni, who was good yesterday, was named in the League Two team of the week following the 3-3 draw with Colchester and also following the midweek 1-1 draw with Carlisle. So he might not have been ‘shite’ in those two games eh?
  13. Neither Garrity nor Jombati featured in the match day squad on Saturday. One of the two must be our COVID positive? Or are they both injured? Either way I agree that Ntambwe, Clarke and Piergianni should be the back three. I would also be interested to see how far off a return Badan is.
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