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  1. Harry seemed as perplexed as I was with last night’s performance. He spoke honestly and with barely contained anger - he couldn’t really do anything else. I do think he made mistakes with his team selection - Tasdemir is clearly way off being match ready and not picking Piergianni was baffling, but he stuck with the bulk of players who fought so resolutely to gain a point at Tranmere. To a certain extent I can understand that the form of Badan, McAlmont, Jameson and Clarke (who needs to play alongside Piergianni in my opinion) will be inconsistent. But it
  2. That was truly a horror show. Only McAleny and to a lesser extent Lawlor played anywhere near decent. The rest were shocking. I did not enjoy that that one bit.
  3. One or two (six actually) ex Latics at Barrow: Connor Brown Mike Jones Chris Taylor Neal Eardley Oliver Banks Jason Taylor
  4. You can’t have Tasdemir on the bench - only five loanees innit
  5. Paul Cook has been out of a job since he resigned fro the Plastics...
  6. This will be the first game for a while where Latics will start as favourites. On current Home/Away form the recent results point to a close home victory.(*) (*) kiss of death? Hopefully not...
  7. I think that he has done a decent job. He seems to be better at coaching teams how to go forward than how to defend. In managerial terms he is still a novice - he needs to keep learning and progressing. Ultimately he will need to modify some of his approach if he is to gain success. Extend.
  8. Good question. As you say he did come on in the 76th minute when we were 2-1 down. He replaced Badan on the left and in the time he was on the pitch we scored the equaliser. So yes I reckon it was down to him being on the pitch that we got a point.
  9. It has to be said that, after his abject performance at FGR, Lawlor stepped up yesterday and put in an excellent display. However the irony of us having a perfectly good keeper out on a season’s loan at Aberdeen whilst bringing in his replacement on a similar loan deal should not be overlooked.
  10. Classic. From one extreme to another. In a few weeks DKD has gone from: ‘Shite/Lighweight Non-League At Best’ to ‘Great Close Control/Pivotal Player/Coaching Success’... The reality is that he’s somewhere in between at the moment. Still a long way to go but is beginning to play to his potential. Lets not get get carried away just yet eh lads?
  11. A tad harsh on both don’t you think? Blackwood came on in the 63rd minute when we were down to ten men. He’s been out for a couple of months with an injury as well. He put himself about but it was a tough ask. Barnes came on in the 76th minute and was asked to be the loan man up front and to track back. Both did well in the circumstances I reckon.
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