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  1. Bookies don't really have opinions these days, they just reflect the money
  2. He might be but there's no particular evidence to support it. He's played 16 games in four seasons
  3. Is it as good a set as last year? I'd say McAleney and McCalmont walk into that side and probably Clarke
  4. Reminds me of the fracking related earthquake in Blackpool that caused £10m worth of improvements
  5. Apart from him clearly slipping and not even making a pass of any sort you're bang on there!
  6. Gerrard wasn't bad for Liverpool but still gets dogs abuse for slipping against Chelsea
  7. Of course it's not impossible that we got more from allowing it to be bought out than it would have generated given he seemed to make a promising start before disappearing
  8. . In other news Tesco have bought some new lorries but have kept the terms of the deal with Mercedes secret as they don't want to give Sainsburys a negotiating tool.
  9. No it won't Home side retains gate money but a commission is paid on advance sales
  10. And whether getting any windfall is a good thing is debatable. Anyone know how much the outstanding loan is? Because by definition that needs paying off before there's any impact on the first team. So a windfall is just as likely to offset the owner's expenses to no particular benefit to the club
  11. Or indeed Tesco to tell him how much they pay for a tin of beans?
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