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  1. If he thinks that taking soundings on a badge will placate the mob he must be distantly related to Marie Antoinette.
  2. I think I referred to the thought of recruiting well enough in this window to have a crack at the play offs as being a fantasy earlier in this thread. I'll stick with that.
  3. I wouldn't give this the dignity of calling it a strategy
  4. The first player brought in by this regime to generate a fee?
  5. Surely everyone acknowledges that this season's attack is an upgrade on last season's? And that this season's defence is a downgrade on last season's? So if we had last season's most frequently featured component of the defence the side would be better off?
  6. In all probability we're a lower mid table team, say two thirds of the way down the division. Not really surprising that we've conceded first in two thirds of the games
  7. Equidistant from relegation and play offs but realistically closer to the former as we've played more games than most
  8. Iacovitti scored for Aberdeen. Unfortunately he was playing for Ross County at the time
  9. Suggests to me that we have 20 odd players who are largely of a similarly low standard
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