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  1. So there's prize money for this but not for the League Cup? World gets madder by the day.
  2. Never a wasted day if one has learned something...
  3. Quite like Bake Off but as it was filmed at the hotel where I had my wedding reception I'm not sure I'm up for that this year
  4. Big difference between saying you will on Twitter and actually doing so. We barely raised that much in 2004.
  5. Much though the government has cocked up most of what it has done I'm not sure it makes a huge amount of difference what they do.
  6. Quote from a Hull season ticket holder. Was the chairman when we first went up to Premier League in 2008 (not his money). Left the club on the brink of financial collapse a couple of years later. He has been trying to buy us back again recently via a consortium. Most Hull City fans would prefer him to our current owners, but only just. You’d probably end up with Phil Brown as manager
  7. I would hope that the Trust already has properly set up and protected accounts in place so that in case of need donations could be made safely and quickly.
  8. I was hoping the season would start ago. So I'll submit under Game 1 again next week...
  9. I submitted and got an acknowledgement. Not overfussed but would have had points for correct at half time. Definitely did it though
  10. It's a bit different if it's, sayy, students who've been 'mingling' to babies who haven't been outside their cots.
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