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  1. Can only wonder why the coaches want to play in a style that is to much for the players in their squad.
  2. I'd rather watch multiple back to back repeats of the Stevenage game than go to B&Q...
  3. Primarily watching non-league stuff locally but there's a long list after that.
  4. Well the quality of the stream was better than I expected. No chance I'll be doing that on most Saturdays, far better things to do, but dull midweek winter nights might see a revisit.
  5. His full name appears to be Jean Daniel Dave Lewis Akpa Akpro. Some interesting cultural mixes there.
  6. My up the road Isthmian League side are live on BT Sport on Monday, final qualifying round in the FA Cup. It will be better than this.
  7. Don't know where those stats are from. But they are bollocks
  8. I'll probably regret it but I'll be breaking my iFollow virginity tonight. How long before kick-off should I be expecting to see something on screen?
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