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  1. No it wouldn't. But once again I can't be bothered explaining how and why.
  2. Yes we could. I can't be bothered explaining how and why.
  3. He was a bit of a prat who'd fallen out of love with the game. He was lucky to find a manager, Martin Hayes, who pushed him.
  4. I have no pretensions to being a scout but I do recall recommending Steve Morison to the club. He was sold for £10k to Stevenage before eventually playing in the PL for Norwich either side of cementing status as a Millwall legend.
  5. This must have been on display somewhere for the promotion game:
  6. Agreed, although they may have had BII payments as clearly business has been interrupted even if football has been played. That would require that they have identified a quality policy and paid the premiums though. Confident?
  7. Not really. It has been chaos since day one. If he wants people to attend so that he can pay the bills then he needs to demonstrate some ability/intention to run the club professionally. It's not a lot to ask.
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