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  1. I witnessed it, it was before the match so nothing to do with the banner and nothing to do with any dissent, was just Baz, his ego and his ‘power.’ As soon as Barry walked in he was looking around all paranoid and spotted that young lad on his phone in front of him. Barry assumed the lad was taking photos of him so caught the eye of the bald steward and made a side wards “chucking” gesture with his arms. The steward then went to see the lad and pretty much interrogated him for couple minutes and even had the lad show him what was on his screen etc - the lad
  2. Thought #18 Trialist (Fage) looked decent Keeper looked dodgy with crosses Not impressed with either new striker first half #15 Trialist had something about him but nowhere ready for first team yet Overall we looked dodgy at back all game and better going forward in second half with Mouche, Nepo, Branger and Vera(!)
  3. It wasn't just the product on the pitch that was depressing about yesterday, the whole place seemed soulless & unprofessional: No Chaddy No hot food No programmes No ad boards No North Stand Even the bloody team sheets were just typed on blank white paper - hoping it just felt so bad because we were getting played off the park by a non-league side in a friendly, but I fear not. Took my 5 and 3 year-old lads and felt bad for them.
  4. That’s me done now until AL has gone. Thought had become immune to setbacks after 25+ years but was absolutely gutted (although not surprised) to see the news today. Very bad day for our club.
  5. Yeah, just seen it confirmed by that Darren guy from Trust. Very odd!
  6. Looks like him from photo I’ve seen on Twitter. Anyway, if we were to find it was definitely him, then... WTF?!
  7. Apparently on the pitch celebrating yesterday... WTF?!
  8. Baxter back in training on Monday according to Roy during yesterday’s iFollow commentary. He also hinted there’ll be reinforcements arriving this week.
  9. Clarke will be key for us this season. He’s in unbelievable shape and looks up for it!
  10. Agreed. Was speaking to somebody today who couldn’t believe Clarke was 30+, guy thought he was mid-20’s! He’ll be great for us in this division IMO.
  11. Heard today we’ll not be seeing much of Fane this season!
  12. New lad in middle best player on pitch - like a young J.P. Kalala!!!
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