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  1. If you want to use a taxi, set the pick up destination as per 24s but use Addison Lee. They're some way between Uber & Taxi in terms of cost but super reliable, can be booked in advance & will do it as a fixed fare. They should get you across London at 11am on a Sunday morning in under an hour. Alternatively, try and get he 1122 from Vauxhall and if you miss it, get a cab from there. That will mean you skip the heavy traffic parts
  2. Will you be upgrading to Green Lager for the occasion?
  3. Uber exists in Oxford... It's very tempting to spend the £25 entry on 2/3 pints of local craft ale.
  4. The Oxford Tube... I'm asking a few friends who studied there for pub suggestions. I've got a very very long list. Going to be a long fun day
  5. Ah yes. The day we took more than 70 so a few of us had to sit in the home end... And Dominic Poleon scored
  6. Unfortunately (?) not able to make this one. Enjoy!
  7. Booked. Out on the 1123, back on the 1851. £15 return.
  8. I can't make Millwall. Northampton on a Tuesday is miserable That means I still get to 9/11. I'll get my flag ordered. Does anyone have a spare?
  9. Behave yourself. Tuesday games permitting, we should all be aiming to get to 9/10 of those 11. And you MUST go to Gillingham. If you don't you won't be able to start your own songs or fly a flag. All other commitments should be secondary...
  10. Rule 2... it is shaping up to be a fun season!
  11. I've had to do this before. They're previously had one open just by the away turnstiles
  12. Good luck getting more than 20 people in The Rake. It's tiny...
  13. I'm in. Will probably get the 1805 or 1814 out from Liverpool Street, back on the 2202 Southend, Crewe and Millwall in 11 days. Might get myself a flag...
  14. The Angel only have terrestrial tv so won't be showing the game I now vote for Mabel's Tavern. At least we know it'll be on with sound!!
  15. Not answering the phone. Will try again tomorrow
  16. Only because you like to employ a westerly drift ;) I'll call the Angel today and see if they're showing it. If they are, let's go there. Otherwise, let's go to Mabel's Tavern
  17. Or Mabel's Tavern have already told me it will be on with sound
  18. It certainly is and would be a preferred destination but I didn't want the flack from Ackey. You know. It's a little far 'north' and 'east' for him. Good boozer though and they normally stick it on upstairs if you ask nicely with sound and everything
  19. White Horse in Soho might be showing it. Mabel's Tavern up near Euston (a shepherds neame pub) definitely is Or we could give cafe kick in exmouth market or bar kick a go in shoreditch?
  20. If we meet in Covent Garden I am NOT going to the Maple Leaf. Not a chance
  21. You shouldnt have mentioned the ACTUAL time then should you... And it's customary to arrive 5 mins after kick off and stand in front of people who are sat down. We should have a beer somewhere that's not showing the football beforehand to make it feel like we're actually there...
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