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  1. Would be a good signing but doubt he would fit in with the plans of the current owners.
  2. Cannot believe Mr red fleece did not find out more about the boy with his due diligence routine !
  3. Yes the club did advertise the news that they would be charging disabled supporters this year to park. If you intend to go to all the games this season (I am not sure why any sane person would) you might be better off getting a season pass. I bought one for £100 . Drop Billy a call at the club and he will sort you out.
  4. This is an interesting article written by the disability charity scope. Highlights the extra day to day costs that many disabled people can face. https://www.scope.org.uk/campaigns/extra-costs/
  5. In theory this is a good suggestion but history tells me that the Disability liason officer post at Latics is just there to tick a box so the club can conform to set standards. I spoke to Ron Cassidy on many occasions when he volunteered for the post, the club made the job for him practically impossible and he would often find out about various things only when he arrived at the club on a matchday. They basically sent Ron out to get the flak for the decisions that they made and he really had no influence on things that they implemented. I have received and explanation from Billy ( Thanks for getting back to me Billy) today on why the club feel they need to bring these extra charges in and to be honest there are some things written on the explanation that are totally wrong. I am told that the disabled fans have basically the same facilities as an able bodied supporter and therefore the season tickets would be sold at an equal price so the club did not actually discriminate against able bodied supporters. Putting it simply we do not have the same facilities to use, the Joe Royle stand has 5-6 wheelchair bays that offer cover and a good view of the game. An able bodied fan can choose to sit in hundreds of seats at various positions in the stand that he or she might like. No option of sitting in the main stand if a wheelchair user wanted to sit there, for obvious reasons. Compromised views at the back of the Frizzell stand if the stand ever gets full ( yes i know that hardly ever happens ) . Finally the fact that the email informed me that in previous years I had saved x amount of pounds really came across to me that I should be grateful for the club being so generous and in a nutshell if I didnt like the new prices I could lump it and get a refund. Am I still a supporter of Latics ? Of course I am , but this episode has really shown me just how much the club have dropped the customer care aspect and just gone chasing the £££££
  6. The cost of the season ticket is do able in my view but they are just pushing things to far asking for another £100.
  7. I have payed more than enough over the years thanks following the club. I don't live in Oldham and with travel costs I'm looking at over £500 for next season with the parking cost.
  8. What is the best email address to discuss this with you Billy? Thanks
  9. I feel the pricing structure that the club have introduced for disabled supporters of the club is nothing short of a disgrace. For the 2018/19 season a season ticket was priced at £180 and this allowed for a carer to accompany the supporter free of charge and a car park pass was issued to allow access to the clubs car parks. The club have now decided to raise the price of the season ticket for the upcoming season to £270 which basically comes into line with other tickets. This was a large increase to take in one go but even though the future of the club is up in the air I renewed my ticket. Now we are greeted with the news that the club want to charge £100 for the car park pass !!!! The excuse they are peddling out looks to be they are falling into line of other efl clubs. Do they honestly think that bumping up the overall cost from £180 to £370 is reasonable ? Many disabled supporters do not have the ability to park elsewhere away from the ground like b and q or the hospital car parks, we need to be close to the ground and I honestly feel like this latest move is one step to far. What is the situation regarding gaining a refund on my season ticket that I have bought ? I am seriously thinking about giving up on all this after the best part of 40 years at BP.
  10. Old Pope makes Gerrard look like a Choirboy !!
  11. I seem to remember you came out with a remark about special schools on this forum in the past Cliff. I'm guessing you didn't mean to offend but it had all the potential to. This steward put his foot in it big time but maybe it was a slip of the tongue just like your comment on special schools ?
  12. That steward has been working at latics for years and I have always found him to be fine when we have had a chat. It appears the Oxford fan was probably at it for most of the afternoon and sadly the steward let himself down.
  13. If there is a problem it can be solved by making sure the stewards only allow the carer entry to the ground if they are with the disabled supporter.
  14. The club board of directors seem to be yes men. It appears the only person who is prepared to question the goings on at the club is Simon Brooke and it seems he is not very welcome at board meetings anymore. The scoreboard story is yet another example of a weak board of directors allowing the owner to do whatever he wants. The pr is a disaster and after some promising words from Mark Moisley about the need to connect with the fans it's just the same old display of contempt. The club read what is said on here and that is why they did a u turn ridiculous time limit for getting a refund for scoreboard donations. I suggest they get a grip and announce the details of who owns these advertising boards, who gets the revenue generated and who paid for them.
  15. Have the club finished the car park off in the north stand? This place is an accident waiting to happen for wheelchair users and the elderly. Loose chippings and horrendous kerb edges are dangerous and I'm surprised the club got clearance to let the public in on safety grounds. This is a brand new build, not something that has gone down hill years after it was built.
  16. They moved out of Oldham a good few years ago. Think they are just 'owls' now.
  17. Positives tonight 1 - Two goals and a crucial win 2 - A good crowd that helped to create a decent atmosphere 3 - Rumours of Corney entertaining potential investors
  18. I am sure the true board of directors is Blitz, Gazal and Corney. It has been that since they arrived in town and stooges like Owen are just there for public show. We all know who pulls the strings and directs the way we operate.
  19. Wonder if Mark Moisley will be happy to state once again that the embargo has not done us much damage after tonight's defeat ?
  20. This superb offer will sadly end after the Gillingham game.
  21. Didn't the under Soil heating go when we installed the plastic pitch?
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