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  1. There was a Football Special train in 1964. Dad and I got it from Shaw.
  2. I think Gordon was an ex Charlton player, won an FA Cup winner’s medal with them. Had been Latics reserve team manager.
  3. Gordon Hurst very briefly. Then Bates wanted a “name” so Jimmy McIlroy. Jack Rowley then returned before Frizzell as acting then permanent. Turned out ok didn’t it?
  4. Frizz didn’t take over until 69/70 season
  5. Piergianni now has five bookings after the “over zealous “ yellow card for supposed time wasting yesterday. Is it six for a suspension?
  6. Win the next few and he could be in for Manager of the Month .....
  7. I hope Harry has got or is about to get an Irish passport. Will save him hours at passport control in Europe.
  8. Has there been a period when 5 day county games were regular occurrences ?
  9. Seems Lancs must have “relationship” problems too
  10. Heck of an assumption. Physios move on . Career progression etc When Jimmy McGregor left from being Latics’ physio to go to Old Trafford was that down to “relationships “? It is a key role , but I’d want to know for certain why it’s becoming vacant rather than jump to your conclusion.
  11. Quite. Maybe the longer term perspective will be applied to other situations and players won't be written off after 90 minutes.
  12. Latics fans upset at not selling a good player. Strange times.
  13. Was in the main stand and have to say the noise from Latics fans was superb. Bellowing across the pitch
  14. That was nerve wracking! Well done Lanc
  15. What does anyone know of Stobbs’ injury and prognosis? In the brief cameos I saw he seemed to offer a positive outlook, willing to take players on and get the ball into the box.
  16. This review was written, as all of mine are, for publication in "Programme Monthly and Football Collectable" magazine. It's for a wider audience than just Latics supporters and if , as one of those, you think I have got the emphasis wrong then I do understand ! But they were great times whatever anyone's personal memories are. This Is How It Feels Mike Keegan Reach 2021 Hardback 320pp £16.99 Full disclosure from the start. I am an Oldham supporter and lived through the joyous years that Mike Keegan writes about. And that’s the word that sums up the feeling any Latics fan would have ad for those giddy years spanning the late 80s and early 90s joy. Hopefully some of that emotion was shared by those following other “less fashionable “clubs or that reading about it now can convey an element of how fantasy can still, hopefully, become reality. The bare facts are that Oldham between 1989 and 1991, played 117 competitive matches, reached an FA Cup semi-final, a League Cup final, and finished eighth and then top of old Div. 2. In doing so the club played at Wembley for the first time (and were only extra-time in the FA Cup semi away from doing so twice in a season) and got back to the topflight for the first time since 1923. Yet it was so much more than that. Joe Royle’s pack of rejects and bargains became achievers, and with a style, swagger and self-belief that grabbed the nation’s attention. With relatively little live tv football, the highlights of Oldham matches were seemingly constantly broadcast. And, as said, there were lots of matches. Cup replays, and second replays, as well as two-leg ties, saw the League Champions, the League Leaders, plus a covey of other Div. 1 teams, humbled both on the pitch and on the screen. The pitch? Well, it was famous as being plastic and some teams were openly intimidated by that. However, it must be pointed out that whilst Latics only lost once at home in 1990/1, when becoming Div. 2 Champions, only one team lost fewer matches away from home. The chant of “We can play on grass as well” often resonated from Oldham support at away grounds. The energy of the players plus Royle’s bold tactics made them a great watch for both Oldhamer and neutral. Bunn (six goals in a League Cup match) and Ritchie were probably one of the most potent strike forces in the country, Marshall, Milligan, Adams Henry, Holden, became household names, whilst local lad Andy Barlow left his favourite meal (meat pudding on a muffin) behind to get a call up into England B. Reputation or pedigree seemed to count for nothing and Royle baffled and outfoxed with formations that had five up front. Joe Royle? He arrived at Boundary Park on a lorry after his car broke down on the way to his manager’s interview, got the job, and wheeled and dealed his way to become the engineer of what the author calls “an English football miracle”. A master of spotting value (and always telling the Chairman, “We can make a profit on him”), knowing when to turn a blind eye, and there are quite a few tales of activities that wouldn’t escape the notice of social media today, and how to inspire, he became one of the totemic managers of the 90s. Oldham weren’t a failing club when he arrived in 1982, but were still “little” Oldham, a friendly Lancashire outfit with one of the coldest grounds in the country. A warm welcome, hot pies, and a steady Div. 2 presence since 1974. No glimmer of anything better in his early days, and it’s a reasonable question as to whether he’d have survived nowadays, but in 1987 he got them to the very first play-offs. Tweaking the team, bringing in new blood, and, in 1989, the “pinch me “season began. A supporter had come up to Royle amid the new success and said “Pinch me, Joe” in his belief it was all a dream. Promotion (and winning the championship of Div. 2 was as dramatic as everything else, a last-minute penalty ensuring a 3-2 victory after being 2-0 down), founder members of the Premier League, and another FA Cup semi-final. The good times eventually ended, and the club is in dire straits right now, but, as Mike Keegan so accurately describes, at that time the sense of joy and wonder were truly “ This is how it feels”.
  17. Wouldn’t that sort of money buy one or two billboards in Oldham area (ideally near Boundary Park) for a couple of months (incl production costs) ? There used to be a site at top of Sheepfoot Lane but there’ll be others that would not only raise awareness locally but serve as very visible embarrassment for AL.
  18. Alfie McAlmont on for last seven minutes of NI victory in Lithuania
  19. Paul Murray to be Head of Academy Recruitment at Blackpool
  20. We played Steve Redmond up front against Stoke in a Cup Match we had so many injuries amongst strikers. We didn’t score.
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