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  1. Big impact from DKD last night. Two goals and our first two came as a result of him being fouled in or at edge of penalty box. Still not the finished article, still weaknesses, but someone who can, and often does, cause real problems for the opposition.
  2. Ami Debois in Pine Villa red and white stripes . Blue and white sleeves too.
  3. Andy Rhodes, father of Jordan Rhodes Ken Branagan, father of Jim Branagan Fred Ogden, father of Chris Ogden Johnny Colquhoun , father of John Colquhoun https://www.scotsman.com/sport/football/hearts/latest-hearts-news/interview-life-left-wing-john-colquhoun-1491752?amp
  4. The Lancs Senior Cup started in 1879/80 as the Lancashire Cup but in 1885 the Lancs Junior Cup began so it was renamed with Senior . Actually what’s engraved on the base of the trophy is “ Lancashire Football Association Challenge Cup”. I don’t have records from recent times but upto 2007 Latics had won it three times: 1908, 1967, 2006. As Summer says, we did get to the final in 1971 after beating Liverpool 1-0 in front of 2984. Lost in final to Dale at Scotland 3-2, Barry Hartle and David Shaw scoring. Decent crowd of 7003. Thanks Summer for recalling these competitions
  5. If I remember accurately - and that is a big if - the competition was at that time limited to invitation to two clubs. Interest in a full blown tournament had seriously dwindled and so the Manchester FA chose two clubs to have a “final”.
  6. When The Seagulls Follow The Trawler: Football in the 90s Tom Whitworth Pitch Publishing 2021 Softback 256pp £12.99 The quote that’s used as the title, pseudo intellectualism at its best, is, of course, from Eric Cantona. One of the core elements of the 1990s Manchester United and someone who will always be used as an exemplar of the changing face of much of football in that decade. More cosmopolitan outlooks and personnel, exponential growth of media coverage and influence, each amended the character and operation of the game. Football at the beg
  7. Don't follow that interpretation. Not saying it isn't accurate but how do you get there?
  8. Two goals from identical corners and ...and this is the thing for me...no defenders on the posts. I do not understand why this is so much the norm nowadays. Match after match on the tv and the ball goes in where a player would have been in years gone by. Forgive the old man but I do not get it.
  9. I felt sorry for the lad , especially as he had made a very good save when it was 2-0 and their second goal was deflected in. However there was a corner immediately before that fourth goal and Pidge had to head it out from under the bar. Even before then he didn’t appear commanding of his box on crosses. Worse or better than Bilboe? I’ve not seen enough to be as adamant as others but either way it was an unfortunate way to debut. I should imagine he’ll play at Scunthorpe and just hope those in front of him play better.
  10. Over 400 sold so far . What struck me as interesting was that about one third were new as opposed to renewals.
  11. In sensible organisations, after so many “failed appointments “, it would be those doing the recruitment that were got rid of. Naturally this doesn’t apply at Latics . We have a monkey will type the works of Shakespeare approach. Given enough tries and time there’ll be an appointment that works. However, none of us has that much time to live.
  12. I think going to the cinema has been ruined. It’s a distraction having to listen instead of just looking at the pictures. And the colour is off putting. Nowt wrong with black and white.
  13. Tommy Bryceland would deserve inclusion in there
  14. Jean Paul Kalala cutting a career https://www.echo-news.co.uk/sport/19140825.foot-camps-catching-former-southend-united-midfielder-jean-paul-kalala/
  15. Hamer and Rowe both subs but came on in last 30 mins
  16. Isn’t that like saying “ if we were a better team, we’d be higher” ? Of course we’d be further up the league with more quality in defence. But we’d probably create more goals with more quality in midfield, and score more with more quality in our attack.
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