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  1. Wouldn’t surprise me if Bournemouth put a bid in for Bahambula, he’s awesome.Anyone know how longs on his contract?
  2. Agreed and it’s a common trend of teams who reach the summit of English football without the funds to sustain it. I was reading the Bradford message board and there was hints on their of former glories. If we ever progress up the leagues we would eventually have to face the consequences.
  3. I’ve supported Latics long enough to know not to expect anything. I thought we’d beat Harrogate on Saturday and was very hopeful but that my point, your expectations were incorrect. I hear long term City fans arguing with ‘new money’ supporters about a slight dip In form. Saturdays performance was very confusing for me. We were totally out played in every department and I’ve never watched a Latics team who can be so good and so bad.
  4. This post is not intended to offend so please don’t take it the wrong way, but I believe that the position of our club in the very early years of your support has a big impact on how you see things now. I first started watching Latics in the early 70’s, they had recently been promoted from the old 4th division and things were on up. We got promoted to the 2nd division soon afterwards but progress thereafter was slow. We’ve been to the premiership, which was more than I could have ever dreamed, but are now back down to where we were shortly before my first match. We have gone full cir
  5. That’s 11 wins from 21 now in all competitions. I know a few of those were in ‘the Mickey Mouse ‘ and only over a relatively short period, but overall that’s pretty good. Have any of our previous managers managed over 50% wins?
  6. Thats 6 wins in the last 10 games now in all competitions. We are doing ok now, so let’s get behind them whatever your opinion of what’s going on behind the scenes.
  7. Worst company I have ever had to deal with. Sill haven’t been able to get free season access for home matches. I sent numerous emails to Latics and IFollow and am being passed from Pillar to post each saying that I need to contact the other. Every time you email you have to wait 2 days for a response and they’ve now stopped bothering to respond. My emails to IFollow have now started bouncing back. Not even had a response to my request for a refund for the Southend game so now refusing to purchase any more matches out of principle. I can still watch the home matches by breaking Corvid rule
  8. I would say generally no, but they might have sent IFollow the same email address for both season tickets and it might work. If if was you I’d email supporter services as it’s a valid question to ask. Failing that, you might need to break COVID rules.
  9. £49 Down the pan then but it did work with videos through the app so will give it a go before I test Argos’s refund policy.
  10. I’ve had a look this morning. It now says the match will be available 1 hour before kick off, so recon it’s all now set up and ready
  11. I’ve just bought a lightening to HDMI connector so I can connect my IPad to my TV HDMI lead so that I can watch it from my iPad on the big screen. I got the genuine Apple one at £49 from Argos. A bit expensive but didn’t want to risk the cheaper ones at around £17 you can get online. Works fine with videos but not tried it yet for a live match. Will give it a go tomorrow night. If it works it will give me two options to watch either through my laptop or iPad/ iPhone just in case one or other experiences difficulties. Will let you know
  12. I’ve got an access code which enables free access to every EFL match, videos, interviews etc no matter which team you support and has no limit on the number of simultaneous users! Guess you won’t be needing it then?
  13. Apologise if this topic has been cover before, but I’m interested to know how others watch IFollow matches and what good advice is out there to enhance the experience. I access IFollow through the web site on my laptop and watch on my TV by connecting using an HDMI cable. This has been fine up until the Southend game when the laptop couldn’t connect so I downloaded the app on my iPad which worked ok but 3 of us huddled around the laptop wasn’t ideal. I’ve therefore been looking at ways of connecting my iPad to the TV in case it happens again. What do you do and what advice have you got fo
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