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  1. I wish more people understood how science works. Not least because it illustrates why all the conspiracy theories are utter tosh. Things like "covid is made up" and "governments have a cure for cancer but they just use it for population control" and many others. Science regulates itself very effectively. You can't possibly influence all of the thousands of research groups around the world. New "things" (like sars 2) take time to understand fully. Then antivaxxers, not understanding why vaccine development usually takes many years (hint they are not waiting for people to gro
  2. This is the really galling thing in all of this. It would be an absolute genius of an operation if the players were actually good. They seem to have a knack of finding absolute dross.
  3. If we get to this stage (and I do accept that we might) I would expect to be kicked out of the league. Hopefully EFL will change things on the back of it. I won't hold my breath. Not sure really what the solution is. I don't really think that it's the Premier league's responsibility to give lower league football more money. 92 professional football clubs is probably too many. I don't think wages at our level are over inflated, they are quite fair given the longevity of careers and low job security. Issue is there's low demand for it. Bury and Oldha
  4. NDAs are pretty common practice. Nothing to be suspicious about at all.
  5. Exactly my read of it. Some people on here would really struggle with issues with actual complexity.
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