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  1. http://www.skysports.com/football/news/11730/11076624/oldham-interview-manchester-united-great-paul-scholes-for-managers-job
  2. Hi guys, my name's Scott and I'm one of the coaches at the Community Trust. We're really pleased to have this session set up now because when it comes to veterans football a lot of people are put off due to the 35s and over rule which tends to result in these sort of set ups being filled with borderline dubious 30 somethings, and there's clearly a difference between what we can do at 30-35 and pushing 50 and over. Coming along to this sesion doesn't mean you're handing yourself over to Mother Nature as someone who's over the hill, its simply vets football as it should be. Whether that's what you want or just a chance to regain fitness or to keep yourself ticking over, it's going to be enjoyable and we hope if we get decent numbers then it'll create a snowball effect with different sessions popping up all over the borough.
  3. Is Scholes' character really suited to management?
  4. Just seen Paul dickov outside tesco he says it's off
  5. Ever since having problems with washing my Latics shirts, I've hand washed them and they're in perfect condition
  6. Rhys Murphy on loan from Arsenal would be a good forward potentially
  7. yeah but you said this in pre season about this season and it never happened. If they wanted to sign you surely they'd do it now? You just full of bull:censored:?
  8. Well although I made this post about Threads, I stopped watching it half way through because I simply couldn't watch any more ahah
  9. Course not, similar to the one we made against the ruling for the redevelopment of Boundary Park in 2007
  10. Anyone watch this and the further 12 parts before? I decided to before, knowing that it would :censored: me up but I just did it anyway. I'm only 20 so I hadn't seen it before
  11. Well you're probably a happy clapper then. And if you can't see how much of a liability he is then your knowledge of football must be extremely poor.
  12. I'm glad someone mentioned this, even though it's blatantly obvious. We really need to replace both of them, however, in Reuben Hazell's case I can't see him being dropped considering he's our captain but his concentration is so poor at times, he along with Dean Brill are such liabilities. The pair of them cost us the game today.
  13. the presenter sounds like he's trying to hold back the tars for the rest of the broadcast!
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