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  1. Why did he drop Rowe? WHY??? He had a good game on Saturday and was dropped tonight. Utterly bizarre. Then comes on the set-up the equaliser.
  2. Well, not the initial solo bit. Whoever did that was usually hilarious. But certainly joining in the chant thereafter. It's why we're special and unique.
  3. I'd say it's not that difficult. I think Jim Batty (Roy's aside, not mine) is crap. We looked a lot calmer once he was taken off. He would be better as a RB.
  4. It was a fair point and well made. They had Greaves we had Frizzell, but they had a much stronger team. Willie Morgan, Whatmore and Worthington. Still, i also remember them on the slide, and a particularly funny own goal my Mike Doyle, chipping McDonough (poser keeper). Then they had a bit of a revival when big Sam was playing. Best thing to come out of Bolton was the excellent Paul Jones. Did a great job for us.
  5. they would, if they were dead....loved watching Worthington.
  6. He's looking slightly homoerotic on the OS site....
  7. yes, apparently. https://www.footballinsider247.com/exclusive-arsenal-defender-agrees-loan-move-to-efl-club/
  8. Sharpe's fault all of this for missing a sitter. Actually, my fault for singing 'always look on the bright side of life,' i jinxed it. We were still a selling club in the PL. How can anyone survive at the top by being a selling club? JW Lees couldn't have given a toss. There was no investment at a time when we might have benefitted from ground development. Still, in reality, once the PL was formed, the writing was the wall for many small clubs, unless they were/are lucky enough to be heavily subsidised. Even then, the likes of Wigan have struggle
  9. somebody really is taking the piss. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dylan_Bahamboula Dylan Bahamboula (born 22 May 1995) is a professional footballer who plays as a midfielder for [[Oldham Athletic A.F.C.|Oldham Athleshit].
  10. If elite football neglects the pyramid then it's in danger of a long-term decline in the game as a whole. Football in the UK has very long traditional community roots. This is how the game is structured. Cut the roots and you'll have people drifting away from the game (supporters, not just players). People will become less connected. Football has an incredible emotional grip on the communities built around the clubs at all levels. If the PL doesn't protect the roots, it will sow the seeds of it's own decline. There needs to be reform at the lower levels, but the health of the game needs the en
  11. Come on, they're a PL side. City could only put 3 past them. What does U2 1 mean? Are they also a tribute act for the rock combo?
  12. I could live with that. The financial collapse bit is sadly the norm for us, so, what the hell, bring it on.
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