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  1. Now the ballboy's been booked! I feel sorry for the kid.
  2. Poor in every way. Really poor game. I enjoyed the 4-3 at their place, it was ned to end stuff. This has been abysmal.
  3. Whe His kit barely fits. Good job we're in lockdown or he'd have to be in school tomorrow.
  4. Roy's got fans everywhere, apart from on here (although i actually quite like him).
  5. To be fair, he hasn't played for a while, and it shows. Total lack of fitness.
  6. Excellent point. Well deserved in the end. Hill looks like he's gone native with those socks and trainers. Enjoyed Roy's comments on the scouse commentators. Brilliant goal. Wow.
  7. He has and i think he's show a lot of promise this season. I think he's always got a mistake in him, but that's 89 less than Jombati.
  8. Tranmere have two large cloggers at the back. We should be burning them for pace.
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