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  1. Come on, they're a PL side. City could only put 3 past them. What does U2 1 mean? Are they also a tribute act for the rock combo?
  2. I could live with that. The financial collapse bit is sadly the norm for us, so, what the hell, bring it on.
  3. Dole dosser? Undermines the point being made. It's the prejudice that many find acceptable. It's a disgusting term.
  4. Wow! You've been gone too long Harry. The Australian League must be truly abysmal.
  5. Because a crook crippled us, three 'saviours' became one who then wasn't interested and kept digging a big hole and then left at the first opportunity, selling us to a total dickhead who hasn't a clue and is unwilling or incapable of even learning from his own mistakes. Either that or someone from Oldham insulted his family years ago and this is part of a vendetta.
  6. Do we have another midfield player? Anyway, at this rate he might get sent off.
  7. wtf - he just kicked it out! That bodes well... Anyway, Dunn's on....
  8. It's only a matter of time before our tactic of launching hopeful high balls from the back to a couple of dwarfs will revolutionise world football. Ticki tacka is over. Move over Pep.
  9. Wow! Seriously, wow! What a pile of shit was that? From back to front, and including the non-existent midfield, that was atrocious. Can i get a fiver back so i can switch off and watch Des. That'll be more cheerful...
  10. Definitely remember Ronnie playing as a left-back.....or do i......i was very, very young. Didn't he drop to left-back from midfield? Age is a terrible thing.
  11. My first left-back memory is Ronnie Blair. I thought he was brilliant. Looked hard as nails, but he could play. We've had some good ones. John Ryan, Carl Serrant, Neil Pointon and of course pudding' on a muffin Andy Barlow.
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