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  1. I'm sure some of these players are making imaginary sandcastles. They've certainly not bothered turning up for the last couple of games.
  2. Hahaha. Not just us then. Happy for Dearnley. Bambam's coming on.
  3. Definitely. To be fair, Dearnley looks ring rusty. Barnes is getting around the pitch and Garrity is having a good half (did i actually say that...sorry). Pitch is terrible.
  4. He always had a blinder against us. Very good goalkeeper. Lost his early promise, but i thought he was brilliant for Leeds.
  5. Is it? I genuinely don't know, but didn't a previous post suggest it wasn't that bad. Dearnley on the other hand has a bad injury record.
  6. Any manager who accepts the job must also accept he'd be part of a comedic triple act. So, not really tenuous. Of course, they might change and give him the control he needs....
  7. I used to love Curly, Larry and Mo as a kid - very funny. Now we've got Curly Al and Mo - not so funny, but equally based on farce.
  8. I thoroughly enjoyed his spell with us. He was never a lone striker. He played better dropping back, pulling the strings and coming through on the blind side. He an pass, create and finish is stunning fashion, but he was never a lone striker. Poor Bradford management.
  9. It's Whelan's recent rate of improvement that has impressed and suggested he could make progress next year, but he does need to beef-up a little. Henry wasn't big, but if it moved he kicked it.
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