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  1. Diarra was absolutely horrendous. He cannot possibly be considered a starter, whether they be CB or DM. The man is clueless. Both wingbacks excellent. Hope won’t be getting anywhere near 15 goals this season. If McGahey had Gerrard written on his shirt I’d not assume otherwise.
  2. My two penneth following the Celtic game: First Half Sutton looked alright against toilet opposition but looks to be a bit of a clogger. Quite slow. McGeahey was decent and is actually much quicker than he looks. Very vocal on the pitch which explains why he was captain. Jameson still as stiff as a board. Squad player at best. Furman decent showing. Neat & tidy, great assist, one bad ball across his own box. The #4 was way off it, lost possession a few times and just didn’t look on the same wavelength as the others. That ex-Chesterfield lad looked alright. Confident on the ball, but I wouldn’t say he stood out. Lavery made a few decent runs without getting the service, except from a lovely Furman pass and it was a great finish tbf. Second Half Pierganni & Hart looked solid enough. Not sure Hart is a CB though. Fage - as usual - offered nothing. The ex-Weds winger looked a handful. Would like to see him again. Took his goal excellently. Wasn’t overly impressed with the Norwich lad - Saul? Danns got about the pitch well considering his age, vocal, decent on the ball. His experience might be a little bit of what we need. Dearnley not as sharp as we’ve seen. Snatched at some of his shots, did force a good save at the end.
  3. I think the 'Latics on the Road only' suggestion is a great one.
  4. Whether it’s ‘top fan’ status you’re after I don’t know, but anybody who is willing to commit to season tickets any more and basically lining the pockets of this clueless, detestable egomaniac needs their head testing. It’s been said again and again on here, on Twitter, at away games, just starve this prick of money. If we go down again and that’s the straw that breaks the camel’s back and forces AlMo to leave, so be it. At least we can begin to think about getting our Club back. The ONLY way we can ever start to look forwards is with these two as far away from the Club as possible.
  5. I would be ecstatic with 4pts out of these next 2 games.
  6. Real test against an inform Tranny midweek. Win that and start correcting our dire home form and we can start to feel optimistic this season I think. Kewell looks to have found a way to play which works so credit where it’s due. Long may it continue.
  7. Ntambwe probably the only player to come out with any credit after the last game. Personally I’d go with: Bilboe Hamer Clarke Pierganni Barnett Ntambwe McAlmont Bahamboula Rowe McAleny Dearnley
  8. Looks like our Twitter ITK has been rumbled. Tbh it did become evident in the last few days he wasn’t on point as much as he had been previously.
  9. I'm guilty of it myself, constantly screaming from the rooftops that Almo must go, but other than not go to home games I'm not doing much if I am honest. But then I ask myself, what can we actually do to get these pricks out of the Club before we are nothing but dust & history? I'm all ears, because just typing #AbdallahOut on Twitter wont get us anywhere.
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