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  1. I would be ecstatic with 4pts out of these next 2 games.
  2. Real test against an inform Tranny midweek. Win that and start correcting our dire home form and we can start to feel optimistic this season I think. Kewell looks to have found a way to play which works so credit where it’s due. Long may it continue.
  3. Ntambwe probably the only player to come out with any credit after the last game. Personally I’d go with: Bilboe Hamer Clarke Pierganni Barnett Ntambwe McAlmont Bahamboula Rowe McAleny Dearnley
  4. Looks like our Twitter ITK has been rumbled. Tbh it did become evident in the last few days he wasn’t on point as much as he had been previously.
  5. I'm guilty of it myself, constantly screaming from the rooftops that Almo must go, but other than not go to home games I'm not doing much if I am honest. But then I ask myself, what can we actually do to get these pricks out of the Club before we are nothing but dust & history? I'm all ears, because just typing #AbdallahOut on Twitter wont get us anywhere.
  6. Never mind, IPTV has now refreshed so happy days. I get to watch it live whilst the piss continues to boil...
  7. Fucking Fage again. Imagine thinking Al & Mo aren’t involved in team selection.
  8. I hope OWTB is a fair representation of the Latics fan base as at least that means Halliwell gets nowhere near it.
  9. Sainsbury and Asda was a merger that was blocked due to anti competition. As you say Tesco bought Booker but that’s it. Asda bought Netto
  10. Just cancelled my membership with the Trust and looking at Twitter I can see plenty others have to. The fact they have welcomed someone like Mike Halliwell is a huge fuck you to all the fans who want a change, or drastic improvement, in current ownership. This same person has Abdallah’s ear, regularly sits in the directors box, and has been described by our current MD as ‘just as important to the Club as Barry Owen is’, which while laughable in itself, is a pisstake of an appointment and has never screamed conflict of interest more. Al now has two puppets on
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