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  1. It could be regular half time entertainment...….he could set off from the halfway line and the chasers from the penalty box with half a doz out of date eggs....bit like paintballing and you wouldn't need a prize as there would be hundreds of volunteers.
  2. At this level., we are not going to get too many McCanns……..Sylla is more than good enough for this division and with the right coach, will get better. Fans like to see effort.....we've had plenty of lazy bastards with more potential/talent on loan who weren't prepared to put a shift on.
  3. And there are still people on here comparing Sylla to Fane.
  4. Did a quick Wiki on Clarke......he's only 5'7".....in my head, Billy Clarke was a target man. Do we need another small forward?
  5. Been away...….but I think I know the answers: Luxembourg/Azerbaijan/Austria/Austria/Ukraine It's only because I have a Ukrainian/Austrian background.
  6. Nixon tweeted O'Grady may be off to join Hill at Bolton.
  7. I reckon AL will have a striker waiting in the wings just as soon as he can get a decent wedge for Urko!!!
  8. Thought I'd seen it somewhere: https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/man-city-evict-bury-fc-16509443
  9. Not sure City would be enthusiastic.....I think City are taking Bury to court over issues regarding City's old training complex at Carrington which they had free use of so long as it was maintained.
  10. The bit I struggled with was how he managed to run the club before he passed the so called fit and proper test. Also, assuming the club folds tomorrow, what does he get? Does he own the land and ground, for instance?
  11. Bonjour mon nom est Barry de la fllece rouge...….DO YOU SPEAK ENGLISH......YEESSSS......ENNGERLISSSHHH!!!
  12. Didn't someone post on here that Nantes wouldn't have any more dealings with the Lemsagems?
  13. A few on here said the same about Wheater.
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