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  1. We've still got structural steel....always worth a few quid....not forgetting crushed concrete is worth at least a tenner per tonne. Not long now until Portakabin changing rooms. I'm drawing the line at the BO fleece.
  2. Whilst the idea of fan ownership is admirable...….do we have a big enough fan base at Oldham for it to be a realistic proposition?
  3. It could be regular half time entertainment...….he could set off from the halfway line and the chasers from the penalty box with half a doz out of date eggs....bit like paintballing and you wouldn't need a prize as there would be hundreds of volunteers.
  4. At this level., we are not going to get too many McCanns……..Sylla is more than good enough for this division and with the right coach, will get better. Fans like to see effort.....we've had plenty of lazy bastards with more potential/talent on loan who weren't prepared to put a shift on.
  5. And there are still people on here comparing Sylla to Fane.
  6. So you're assessment of Sylla is based on 90 seconds of Sky output....good call. So you are in a strong position to comment on the rest of the game. If Sylla wasn't there, the midfield would have been overrun causing big problems for our defence as Missilou and McCann were largely absent and when Missilou did get in good positions going forward, it was because Sylla put him there but you wouldn't know that, would you? It's easier to sit down and run down an opinion. I was with a couple of friends, one Arsenal and one Southampton, who agreed me after the game but I'm sure that will gi
  7. What has Fane got to do with it? I was there watching a League 2 match and I saw 11 Oldham players and named 2 whostood out. Did you go?
  8. Not the case....Orient changed tactics by playing 2 against our fullbacks. We still attacked them but McCann and Missilou were both poor and didn't help Hamer and Mills. Two outstanding performances today from Scylla, who broke up play and attacked Orient (apologies, not really, if I upset those who say Scylla is one of the worst players ever to wear a Latics shirt) and Mills.
  9. GK to defence, defence to midfield and midfield to attack and all permutations going front to back, back to front, left to right and right to left so yes, you are right.
  10. Not seen this reported today apart from Sky Sports News, so apologies if posted elsewhere. "Oldham Athletic have made an official complaint to Greater Manchester Police over the financial conduct of the club's previous owners." A club statement read: "After a lengthy and detailed investigation regarding the financial conduct of the owners of the club before the acquisition by Mr Abdallah Lemsagam, it has been found necessary to make an official complaint to the Greater Manchester Police. "The allegations are mainly against those who had dealings with Oldham Council
  11. Can I say "Well Done" to Dino, his tactics and team selection, the players and also a massive "Well Done" to ALL THE FANS who made their way to Newport, whether locally or from Oldham?
  12. So the answer is to get a big lad in January.
  13. Agree with you on all counts. I would add that our forward pairing didn't look like a pairing which, hopefully, Dino can work on. We need the rest of the team to try and play the ball into space because neither will win a header.
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