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  1. Did we ask him to compromise? I thought it was Abdallah who wouldn’t compromise by saying “it would be financially irresponsible” of him to top up the players wages beyond the furlough money paid by the government.
  2. Shite again. Defence is a shambles, not one leader amongst them. In fact both central defenders looked exactly what they are, one a player who’s barely played in 18 months and the other a player who’s level is non league. Going forward we have a bit about us but not enough to be threatening the top half. Whilst HK will be in the same boat as many of his predecessors he looks tactically clueless and his subs are even worse and looks like yet another yes man for Mo. Time to chase these pricks out of town now. We’ve been far too nice as a fan base for too long with these.
  3. Absolutely woeful. So many people at the club who don’t deserve to represent us.
  4. just to clarify, I don’t Want them to put anything out as I don’t trust them, or to be honest give a shit what they say unless it’s letting us know they’re packing their bags.
  5. I don’t think you could actually trust the club to tell you the truth. They will only put out what they want you to know. Like when they said they had reported the ‘Theft of the North Stand to the police’ but have refused to acknowledge that GMP found it to be complete bollocks. I’d hazard a guess that it will be closer to the 600 than the 1500 like Bazza says as they would no doubt have put a positive spin on it along the lines of ‘we have still managed to sell 75% of last years total despite the problems we currently face’ Hopefully the clown and his brother are feelin
  6. Another 1st hand account. I didn’t go to a home game last season for the 1st time in 31 years. I went to Bradford and Salford away, Bradford because I knew the fans would turn on the owner when we got battered and Salford as it was a new ground. Are the current signings better than last year? Hard to tell. An unbelievable amount have zero experience in professional football which suggest the budget is massively cut as I can’t see us affording to carry players with the current pandemic, or the fact the attendance’s (when fans do eventually return) will be through the floor. Not going a goal
  7. So you are basically saying you were wrong With your prediction of September the 1st?
  8. For confirmation the temporary floodlights in the new stand are exactly the same hight as the ones in the main stand.
  9. I think the save he is meaning was the one from McGuire from about 5 yards which was a good save but it was his fault for letting the cross bounce in the 6 yard box with nobody around him (Which was the 2nd time he had aloud that to happen). Overall he was very poor today and add to the fact that he should of done a lot better with the goal at Stevenage, is the reason he is righgtfully on the bench and should return then when we play next week.
  10. The main problem today for me was we tried our hearts out and got dicked 2-0, Brentford never broke sweat and dicked us 2-0. I expect this to happen against the scousers not a fellow league one side. If they had gone for our throats it could quite easily of been 4 or 5. It needed changing a lot earlier on but we carried on with Simpson on the wing who was truley awful. Not his fault he isn't a winger and should be competeing with Baxter for the attacking midfield slot but Dickov has this mentality that he has to play and fits him in where ever he can. Also we have nothing up front. Smi
  11. I think that looks the most likely. Surely SC isn't silly enough to let him get a whole new backroom team in, and then run the risk of having to fire them all off if things don't improve.
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