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  1. Anyone seen Jamie's farewell tweets tonight? Another decent member of staff who tellingly thanks everyone except AL, Mo and Karl. When is this shitshow going to end?
  2. Yeah I said I wasn't going until Abdallah sold up but I've bought 2 Given any sort of encouragement I'd expect quite a few to buy at full price of £10 per game but fear things will get worse!
  3. Excluding the youth there's only CBJ, Jombati, McAleny, Barnes, Woods and Bilboe to extend or release! (Forgot Ntambwe and so should the club!)
  4. The pitch invasion was the Burnley FA cup game - full length Rochdale Road End to Chaddy End.
  5. Well he has pulled off a few players at half-time!
  6. It's £6M (or was)for the ground and car park not just the North Stand. Someone will be along later to say 99.9% know this.
  7. Yes but we've already signed up most of this season's defence
  8. On course for a worse squad than this season - didn't think that was possible!
  9. Might be through the Bristol based press and media now Curle has replaced Kewell.
  10. Just can't see him staying if ALMO are still here. Wouldn't be surprised if he walked before the end of the season.
  11. Can't see Curle being here next season - it'll be Butler as Head Coach under our esteemed (useless) Sporting Director. We just have to hope that ALMO do one and someone better picks up the pieces.
  12. Wonder why Butler has pitched up here and not Colin West who's been with Curle at his last 3 jobs?
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