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  1. Anyone know why he couldn't get a game at Macc last season? Not seen enough of him to form an opinion yet!
  2. Not a fan of Kewell but Bunn, Wild and Dino had much better players.
  3. Mo still needs to find someone we can sell!!!
  4. Agree he's not the right man but doubt he's brought in any of this shower of shite.
  5. Who's the better signing Diarra or Rhys Bennett who Carlisle have just picked up on a short term deal?
  6. And 2 out of his 3 losses were away at promoted sides Lincoln and Bury. Would like to have seen him bring his own players in and have a pre-season. He might have never made a go of it but was Abdallah's best chance of getting some of his money back and/or making some progress on the pitch!
  7. That's my point - that squad wasn't the best but it was a million times better than what we've got now.
  8. Just shows what a great job our Sporting Director has done since that game .
  9. Cray Valley Paper Mills please! FFS I think they'd be favourites against us .
  10. If Mcalmont can't get into that side then he shouldn't be here.
  11. Can't remember the exact figures but we could have received over £100k if we had spent about £20k to upgrade the floodlights to meet the current requirements!
  12. Might change mine if they drop Doyle!
  13. Only interim - probably just stuff us on 31st to piss ALMO off.
  14. Cheers - I just mean a screen grab or copy and paste like Bristol shows above the league tables.
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