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  1. Could this be the OAFC Development Centre under 18s? Essentially a grassroots setup using the OAFC name.
  2. Mine used to say... ‘My town team play in blue & tangerine’.
  3. Feel free to pop in the White Hart first home game and I'll buy you a pint!!! ??
  4. I was on the double!! Only £2.50 e/w but returned £248.75!!! Happy Days
  5. Is the ticket office open tomorrow? Couldn't make it today before 5 and can't make it Monday.
  6. That's the first thing I thought! I started laughing at them as I walked out and one of the cheeky little b*******ds offered me out! I think I would of been done for assaulting a minor if I'd of gave him a winger!
  7. To RRE pie stand selling pies for £1 just after start of the second half. And to the green street wannabes from Carlisle after the game! Ha ha! Ha ha!
  8. Thanks for the help Diego. GuyGerman yes something like what was or is used on the back of tickets. The only problem is it's not Latics I need it's about 8 teams in the championship. Just thought there would be a website with all this information on?
  9. Thanks Diego. I got some useful information off there, but I think what I'm looking for is a seating plan like what's used for buying tickets at a concert (M.E.N Arena). I'm pretty sure that if I can find that then this will have the turnstile numbers on?
  10. Has anyone got a website for stadium layouts? i.e where each turnstile is situated. I'm doing a project at work and I'm sure I have seen something on here. I've tried going on each clubs website but because all the football league is provided by the same company the stadium layouts don't seem to be there. Any help is much appreciated.
  11. My missus as just said Michelle marsh has got a camera crew with her in her shop today could be them?
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