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  1. He is absolutely out of his depth. No idea how to run the club, other than into the ground. He is funding his idiot brothers dream to run a football club and has an idiot alongside him who will tell him everything he wants to hear. It will end soon. Either he will sell or the club goes bust. I hope for the former but I am not optimistic
  2. Who is the longest serving employee under Abdallah? With the exception of his muppet brother and the red fleeced fool. Just wondering if anyone knows and how long they have been at the club.
  3. More chance of them commenting on the whereabouts of Lord Lucan
  4. I dont have difficulty understanding anything, other than you coming to that conclusion when I havent voiced an opinion on any of the issues raised in this thread.
  5. Its a shame you think people trying to find out what is going on at the club is a waste of time
  6. PTB are doing a good job and asking the questions and applying the pressure that is needed. My original post was a reply to someone who seems to think PTB is a waste of time as they clearly feel the club should just carry one doing what they are doing and answer to no one
  7. AL and Co wouldn’t know thought and forward planning if it walked out on pitch and scored a hat trick
  8. There are so many alarm bells its scary. OAFC will be in administration before xmas
  9. The kits are just another in a long line of missed opportunities by oafc. This year is massive for the club for many reasons. The morale of fans, imo, is at the absolute lowest. St sales are down (for the first time in 30 years im not renewing), fans are divided, club has serious financial issues and the relationship between the fans and the ownership is toxic. To me the kit launch is just Lemsagam failing to deliver anything of quality yet again. Worrying times at oafc
  10. Imagine its off the shelve and look something like this, just red obviously
  11. Thats an easy one. They were very keen to shout as loud as they could about financial irregularities and that these would be investigated but now it hasn’t gone their way, they wont tell you that, instead they will bury that behind the idea you can help them by not asking for your money back. Basically its not in their interest to keep you in the loop, they would just rather have your money - you know, that extra money they need to find for legal costs (the ones they havent told you about)
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