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  1. Need to change Kewell now along with the circus master FTFY
  2. Only really been one team in this second half. Shows the difference in the levels. We were better side in first half and score once. They were poor and also score once from the only real chance they got. They changed formation in second half and we havent dealt with it. Warning signes were there in forst five mins of restart and HK didnt look like changing things. All that said, we have done ok and can be pleased with first 45 mins
  3. Played very well going forward. Should have been out of sight but we are through, thats the main thing.
  4. Missed chances cost games. Playing well going forward, need to take these chances. Should be at least 3-1 up
  5. Same sh*t, different manager. Its the idiots above the manager/head coach/puppet that are the problem. No new owner = season of sh*t
  6. Another load of changes and we lose. Can we change the owner now?
  7. They are so boring its untrue. My 6 year old could come up with better options than those
  8. He is absolutely out of his depth. No idea how to run the club, other than into the ground. He is funding his idiot brothers dream to run a football club and has an idiot alongside him who will tell him everything he wants to hear. It will end soon. Either he will sell or the club goes bust. I hope for the former but I am not optimistic
  9. Who is the longest serving employee under Abdallah? With the exception of his muppet brother and the red fleeced fool. Just wondering if anyone knows and how long they have been at the club.
  10. More chance of them commenting on the whereabouts of Lord Lucan
  11. I dont have difficulty understanding anything, other than you coming to that conclusion when I havent voiced an opinion on any of the issues raised in this thread.
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