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  1. A decent listen, Rick hit the nail on the head at the end when he said it makes him ill and the club is dead! Myself and many others I know feel exactly the same, well done to all stepping up to the plate and trying to get these cockroaches out
  2. Problem is, all the clubs above us in the league come January will all bring in a few new signings to pull away from trouble, but our set of frauds will persist with the same bunch!! Or bring in more players off Geordi shore standard of players! Like they have mentioned, the fans are only upset because we have got off to a bad start!! FFS
  3. This is where these clowns seriously let the fans down!! Sad times bud
  4. I agree, curle is a joke, but do we honestly think these cockroaches who play around with our club,will pay him off the rest of his contract!! I’m sorry,but I think we are stuck with the lot of them
  5. Nah bud, it’s just a club being run by total frauds, who are running the club into the ground!!
  6. Some decent pics deigo , the best one was the yard dog, brought back pure memories
  7. No way 500, a lot more turned out, I turned out today, said my piece and went back up sheepfoot lane, these owners are nothing but vermin, away days only for me which killed me walking away from BP today with being a season ticket holder since 1985!!
  8. No beer will be available for tomorrows match, because of strong Recommendations off SAG!
  9. Absolute vermin running the club, saying he wants to engage with fans on the radio,then 2 hrs later pulls this stunt!! God only knows what it’s going to be like for the Hartlepool game, but he’s just put it up to another level
  10. Surely from the clear pictures of them, somebody off social media knows who these shit bags are?
  11. Cannot believe what I have just seen, the men in black what our corrupt owners have employed, filling in and battering Latics fans, grown men twatting kids at the front of the Rochdale rd end WTF!!! Enough is enough, I ain’t been to a home game this season but by fuck I’m at the Hartlepool game to sort these Billy’s out
  12. Curle should speak out against this shit show of ownership and back the fans, he’s on a hiding to nothing, as it stands lately he’s sticking up for the frauds
  13. Biggest clap of the day has to go to the lads who started the pitch protest!!
  14. What a absolute set of horrible tw**s, we have running our club into the ground, surely something big has to be arranged for the Hartlepool game, to let these arrogant arseholes know enough is enough!! FFS it makes my blood boil, it’s week after week something new pops up to piss the supporters off time after time!!
  15. Chaddy84, you are right about gina, my mrs went up to get our son a ST,nobody in the queue except my mrs and she was told why can’t you do on line!! Me mrs said can you not do it now please and Gina pulled her face and moaned about itMe mrs couldn’t believe how bad customers are treated and said to me, no wonder you have stopped going to home games with people like that being the face of the club!!
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