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  1. curle will not be hear next season while these frauds are still at the club, Fair play to curle for his latest comments about the attitude of these so called footballers who these clowns have brought to the club
  2. Good job we have extended Jameson’s/fage/diarras contracts for next season
  3. How on earth can the majority of these players claim to be footballers for a living!! Thanks Abdull for putting together a team what would struggle to beat Stalybridge
  4. Another decent listen,keep up the good work, loved the passion in the last few minutes of the pod , You tell them!!
  5. What a great listen that was, well played to BPAS for setting the podcast up with Craig , I’m so glad I stopped mine and my lads season tickets 2 season ago while these frauds are still running the club it will stay like that! out
  6. Apologies, what I’ve done wrong is, I’ve checked the table from the last few game weeks and it’s showing the updated table, cheers again Bristol
  7. How anybody can fund these frauds running our club is beyond me!!
  8. Hi Bristol, I think you have missed my 3 points off the league table from the Southend game.
  9. Don’t worry GK, this will definitely happen with this pathetic chairman we have in charge
  10. The whole squad is a shambles bar three or four players, Who will be leaving in the summer,but how many years can this go on for, a so-called chairman can keep bringing in such shite, year after year it’s mind numbing!!!
  11. No chance as long as Al/MO are still pulling the strings!!
  12. I know a few lads what have won off it but that was earlier in the season, but a lot more are doing it now, the best tip is don’t do your selections until you have seen the team news, some of the Questions are on players what are on the bench or are not in the squad
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