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  1. I’m sure they said in the Morecambe commentary we will play in it for away games when the red and white kit clashes and not use the blue kit.
  2. Did anyone else see the comment by CBJ on the officials insta post. Clearly signed his deal days ago, not yesterday as announced.
  3. You could hear Roy on the phone getting told he got sent off Bristol. he’s off investigating now!
  4. Yeah same on sky and twitter but commentators still not mentioning it. Strange!
  5. Anyone know if Fage was sent off or not none of the three commentators saw it? They were looking to see if he booked either player right at the end too.
  6. I fully understand people wanting to show displeasure at the shambles that we have become but as a ST holder I’m now stuck between a rock and a hard place. 1. Go and support the team 2. Stay at home and don’t go again and the ticket will now have cost £135 or £90 per game (I forget how many I’ve been able attend, plus I also try to forget the dross too). I kinda want to go so it saves me money in the long run too (whole reason I buy a ST).
  7. Don’t know if it’s the cynic in me (also I can’t see the boards on the RRE due to sitting there) but has anyone else noticed or can confirm that the score/clock isn’t visible to the North Stand. It’s not on Chaddy End boards anymore, is this a sly dig at the north stand?
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