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  1. I’m sure they said in the Morecambe commentary we will play in it for away games when the red and white kit clashes and not use the blue kit.
  2. Did anyone else see the comment by CBJ on the officials insta post. Clearly signed his deal days ago, not yesterday as announced.
  3. You could hear Roy on the phone getting told he got sent off Bristol. he’s off investigating now!
  4. Yeah same on sky and twitter but commentators still not mentioning it. Strange!
  5. Anyone know if Fage was sent off or not none of the three commentators saw it? They were looking to see if he booked either player right at the end too.
  6. I fully understand people wanting to show displeasure at the shambles that we have become but as a ST holder I’m now stuck between a rock and a hard place. 1. Go and support the team 2. Stay at home and don’t go again and the ticket will now have cost £135 or £90 per game (I forget how many I’ve been able attend, plus I also try to forget the dross too). I kinda want to go so it saves me money in the long run too (whole reason I buy a ST).
  7. Don’t know if it’s the cynic in me (also I can’t see the boards on the RRE due to sitting there) but has anyone else noticed or can confirm that the score/clock isn’t visible to the North Stand. It’s not on Chaddy End boards anymore, is this a sly dig at the north stand?
  8. Andy I think people are sceptical because none of the Hereford results are 1-0 in all the history. Are you sure it was against them?
  9. I think a fans bar is a great idea and much needed. However based on the figures mentioned 75k, that equates to just under £3261 per home game. Factor in possibility of at least two home games over the three cup competitions that reduces to 3k per home game to just pay rent. That doesn’t include other running cost to pay out. Anyone have any idea how much the bar could take off past experience?
  10. Player app obsolete. Now done via website on ifollow. No app available yet but supposed to be working on it.
  11. Hard to say when we didn't have a shot all second half. I was laughing at half time saying we had already beat the scunny's total for the match by two and it this game had been a hundred times better than that dros. Struggled to create anything second half but being down to 10 men didn't help.
  12. He slid in on there player trying to make a challenge, missed the ball and got caught with trailing foot which cut his head. IMO it was a foul for recklessly diving in, booking maybe a bit harsh after getting booted in head.
  13. People are forgetting that when you call in sick you're probably not fit to play. Also the team travelled to the Shresbury game in the afternoon, so maybe he was left behind and told to train with the youth team (even though he didn't do) he could still be sick. There may well be more to it but why is everyone trying to blame someone when it could be that simple.
  14. I can say one thing. I SUPPORT THE CLUB! It's in my heart and who ever they put at the helm, whether I think it's right or not gets my support. We haven't even given the guy a chance. Johnson was unheard of and had a good start but went flat due to the Evans saga and Barnsley approach. Gotta give Kelly a fair chance, he may prove the doubters wrong. Plus it was obvious we were gonna take the cheap option as we aren't a big club and we don't have a pot to pi$$ in!
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