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  1. Pretty sure at the night at the OEC he said the “Prem” money wasn’t an issue now as it was debt from so long ago it’s effectively off his books. I think this is just the back rent, and the unpaid OEC bill from last season
  2. Just a slightly off thread point, but TTA didn’t split the land from OAFC, that was done in 1999.... you could however make an argument that they could have brought it back under the clubs control under their tenure. If everything had gone to plan, the use of some of the money from developing the land was suppose to build us a new stadium at BP.... it’s all gone really well hasn’t it
  3. Maybe is because Brassbank are owed back rent since AL took over, so they aren’t really losing any money on matchdays anyway because they weren’t getting paid. The place is full most weekdays so they’re probably getting their revenue that way anyway.
  4. If it is something to do with internal fire doors, surely this would have been spotted by a buildings inspector at the time of construction? Or certainly before it was given a safety certificate to open in the first place!
  5. What happens if the Floodlights along the top of the JRS are switched off if the stand is shut? Will the ref deem it too dark to play?
  6. Question for those who’ve booked tickets on line for the home end, did you enter your actual Oldham address when setting up an account with Salford? Also, can you print tickets at home like you can with Latics, or do they post them to you?
  7. I just can’t see Shez wanting to come back while the Lemmy’s are here. But stranger things happen... pretty much on a daily basis at Latics to be honest.
  8. A lot of my mates as a kid were City fans and we all travelled together to that game. They City lads didn’t wait for me and my Latics mates to travel home
  9. If you’re not a season ticket holder it’s going to be more likely you’ll get a ticket for the home end than get one for our end
  10. Ship the 10-15 players we have that are dead wood and bring the lot of them in I say.
  11. Yes I’m sure they did. I’m sure both kept their clients in check.
  12. There was a lady who asked some questions right at the beginning of the evening; I was told by someone on the night she was from the clubs solicitors ( I can’t say 100% though that she was). I think it’s a fair assumption though that the club would have had some “spies” present, based on this, surely Blitz’s solicitor would have stopped him in his tracks if he was going to put his foot in it with some untruths?
  13. Why the aggression?? So they didn’t strip anything from the club then did they? It was already stripped.
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