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  1. I've had a funny positive feeling about Lancs this year, the likes of Mahmood, Davies, Bohannon, Jones and Wood should be hitting their prime years, and with my interest in football at an all time low, I'm really enjoying the live coverage of the opening County Champ game against Sussex on youtube. Sussex 301 (Haines 155, Bailey 4/48) Lancs 339/5 (Vilas 158*, Robinson 2/51) https://live.nvplay.com/ecb/#m8d638124-cef5-42f0-9f04-508beb99ec55
  2. Little known that Channel 4's Italian sister channel had an English football magazine show in the same vein... ... ...
  3. Lincoln away, 2016 (although they ended up getting to the quarter finals and are now above us, so not your typical non league side.)
  4. This lad looks pretty decent. A bit slight, and it's only friendlies, but a goal in each pre-season game is positive. Can't knock having the knack of goalscoring. Did a fair bit of Borthwick-Jackson's defending for him against Lincoln as well, as he was playing down the left.
  5. Here's what you could have won? These sketches from OAFC's graphics desiner's twitter account show a blue Ajax kit was under some kind of consideration at one point, as well as a kit combining the red pinstripes of the Prem kit with the hooped kit from a couple of years after it. I imagine they are from the fan consultation they had, before it was ultimately decided to have a solid blue and a red and white stripes.
  6. Hmmm, how about... "The shirt is a classic Oldham design, being blue with white trim, which has been the standard Latics look since 1972. The gradient, changing from lighter blue to a darker shade, represents the subtly different shades of blue worn over the years. There is also the slightest touch of tangerine, which represents the six year spell that the club wore that colour at home." With stripes as the away, and if a blue and white 1910-1966 look is to come in the special cup kit, that's the four main kit designs we've had represented in our range next season.
  7. Mood here is down, fair enough, but I think this kit is really nice! Gorgeous bit of detail.
  8. https://www.oldhamathletic.co.uk/news/2020/july/04072020-hummel-20-21-home-shirt/ Really smart imo. (on second thought, maybe a few too many colours going on. Royal blue, navy blue, white, orange, red.) As it says on the official site, a special third commemorative kit is also being made, which will be worn at home in cup games. The classic blue and white?
  9. http://www.youtubemultiplier.com/5f006fe232662-oldham-athletic-125-years-of-hurt.php
  10. I don't think it is, but I've just imagined how a kit might look in the old blue/white style, but with navy blue instead of white. Hmm.
  11. Looks like the blue kit will be in the recently seen gradient style, fading from royal blue at the top of the shirt, to navy blue at the bottom. I expect it will have white shorts/socks with it, which could be swapped with the striped kit's navy blue shorts/socks.
  12. Festus Arthur (ex-youth) has signed for Hull City from Stockport for an undisclosed fee.
  13. Watch the 1990 FA Cup Semi vs Man Utd, and the replay, as well as the League Cup final against Nottm Forest, in full here: https://footballia.net/teams/oldham-athletic-afc There are also 17,098 other historical games to delve into on this monster site.
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