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  1. At the big local Darlington concert today. Not Tom Jones or Olly Murs, but Biscuithead and the Biscuit Badgers. Marvellous fun. Baige, cheese, tweed, bits dropping off. Great stuff.
  2. I do wonder the best thing we could do to combine things. Would as well as not going, turning up, en masse to local non league sides (all at one club at a time) explaining to proper football fans what is going on and making the chairman's name mud, but at the same time giving ourselves a glowing reputation/future floating fan base be a good idea? Don't know really, just brain melting...
  3. Exactly my thoughts. Not Montpellier U21 reserve players on 4 grand a week. These smack of Curle signings, proper fourth division stuff. What we've needed for years now. I don't think anyone expects anything other than complete shit nowadays, but if they allow Curle to sign his own players it is a major advance and only one step away from a normal club (don't interfere in tactics). This has been a strangely good day I think.
  4. I've also started getting well into foreign tv/film. Obviously, if you haven't seen the bridge, stop what you are doing and watch it. I thought Hotel Beau Sejour was a great idea if slightly rough around the edges. Spiral is great. Inspector Borowski is a straight detective show and very much one of the better things you can watch. BUT...Dark. mind bendingly the best thing you will watch for years. So good you'll watch it twice. And still think, 'I need to watch that again'.
  5. Got round to watching American Vandal. The first season I thought was ace. You watch it and think it isn't real, then question yourself. I had zero expectations and thought it was an exceptionally well made piece of film.
  6. Frankly, if anyone says to close grounds, there now can be no argument against it. Petitions and pleading poverty, doesn't matter. Can't be trusted. In terms of the club. Kick them out. Make an example of them.
  7. Keep working our way back and I think we end up at the rejection of Barbara Castle and her white paper in '69 being the beginning of the end.
  8. Surely it lies somewhere in between hiding scared and one out, all out. The summer should have been spent organising a way that the nigh on completely out of risk could go about keeping the economy afloat, the shielded could keep away from risk but part of society/not completely isolated (testing improvement and directed to help with this), and that the unknowingly risky ones didn't overflow the NHS. I feel it was spent ploughing through brexit and avoiding publication of stories whilst out camping. No plan now. Just repeat and fail until herd immunity comes by default.
  9. Let's be honest, the lack of technology is irrelevant. The 100bn is what they are going to shift to their friends/selves. This is a sham of a government that is stealing thousands from every man, woman and child. It is their only aim in this. It is utterly shameless.
  10. I do wonder if the Sheffield Wednesday one is more about Derby's deduction. If you do Wednesday this year you have to do the same with Derby and they get away with no penalty in reality. This punishment gives them both a fair chance of being relegated (though has the end result of Wednesday not being immediately relegated as punishment). No consolation to Charlton like.
  11. And by accepted, replace with forced in. The league didnt want them in that division. The fa shoved them in it.The nwcl did not want them at that level whatsoever.
  12. Series one is good (I would go as far as to say, better than the film). Series two is absolutely terrible. I can't believe there were people still working on it to make series three as they should all have been sacked and never been allowed to work again on anything, ever.
  13. As far as I know it is an investigation into what has gone on at Bury rather than Dale. He has experience in businesses in this situation and you'd imagine knows the legal ways opf getting the most money. I'd expect the one of more interest will be Day (and would be one of many, many financial threads to be looking at - car parks, Mederco, Lendy, etc).
  14. Telegraph has over 60 against. Not that is matters anyway as they won't get up and running again in their current entity.
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