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  1. Sometimes site updates (things to keep the underlying tech updated and secure) remove things like that by mistake. Other times it's just that the vendor (Invision) remove features and we're subjected to that without much say in the matter. @Matt is most likely to know... Matt?
  2. It's the top of this OWTB post which is about a break in (a long time ago)...
  3. Maybe. I certainly don't watch enough to know. But we're far and away the best attacking side in the division: I suppose that's a personality thing. To my mind there's not enough upside for downside. He should be talking up the strengths and giving them some freedom to play out the season their way on the hope that in the summer we can bring in some improvements at the back and build on that.
  4. Isn't he completely wrong about the players, too? We are the top scoring team in the league and by a distance in some measures. We've lacked massively at the back and we all know the likely reason. But turning to a side that's out-score the entire division and saying "You're all shit, get lost..." is utterly baffling to me right now - surely this is the best chance we've ever had to keep the core and tweak the defence? Christ, I almost cared there. Never mind. On we plod.
  5. I thought I read the break-clause was about £8m...
  6. It's certainly an interesting point of view. I would expect a fuckload of those Facebook followers are bots though... That said, they are probably Russian, so if we ask Putin nicely maybe he'll buy them?
  7. Not a fucking chance. The only reason UEFA gave a fuck in the first place was the that they lost access to the cash-cows. There's not a chance anyone will be banned from Europe or be given enough of a points deduction to stop them getting there. This is the same as what people were saying yesterday - this isn't revolution, it's evolution. There's no winners here, just lesser evils. Again, I don't think we should be happy about any of this. FIFA and UEFA are corrupt shithouses of people just as self-serving and malicious as any of the ESL clubs and their plans. If anyone thinks that Aleksander Čeferin or Gianni Infantino are the good guys here then they need their head checking. God no. That's not as important as this shit. /s
  8. I admit this could happen, but I don't think it will. The people running these clubs (more below) want to win for the vanity, sure. But more important is the money, power and prestige that come with it. The US has better/worse teams but all of them get a shake of the stick now and again. They are OK with that because even the lowest of the low "make money" (more on that below). Kronke at Arsenal knows all about how this model can make him money hand over fist whilst the companies/clubs flail. Yet now and again they will get a win and all is forgiven for another 20 years of neglect. It's the hope that kills you! I don't disagree these clubs need something, or that they are in a fucking state. But we have to remember the clubs are not doing this, their owners are. And even the worst most debt ridden clubs you listed don't have owners losing money. Look at United (for all we may want to hate them - for very good reasons) and what the Glazers did. The people owning that club made money on their money. They're living billionaire lifestyles no matter what comes of United. This move is just another elongation of that, they don't give two fucks deep down - they just want to prolong the ride another generation or two. It's easy to forget in amongst all this clamour and noise that deep down Sean Dyche is a fucking cunt. Just keep that in mind.
  9. That's a very good point - one they made on Football Weekly too. The NFL's International Series (which I selfishly love, as an NFL fan with a 'season ticket' to the London games) shows these owners have no concern with moving games. So the teams may well remain Manchester and Liverpool in name, but they will quite possibly play 'select games' internationally. The meaningless pre-season games in the US and Asia pull 80,000+ fans... frankly they'd be mad not to accommodate that and play games in those locations.
  10. I think is a massive part of their motivation/aspiration for it. They see a world in which the national leagues supply their elite league with players akin to the US College game. It's bullshit at it's finest and I oppose it as much as I'm fascinated by it... but teams like Latics could ultimately be more sustainable from it, in reality. It comes at a cost many (very reasonably) will find too much. But the game's unsustainable as it is - it needs something to change and maybe this lot fucking off is just that.
  11. Yes and No. There's an old saying which has taken on more weight in recent years, which is "If you're not paying for something, then you are the product." That's to say that they don't need people paying a subscription (though of course they want that income too). They want people watching the heavily advertised product, the metadata they can capture from the online habits of those watching, the political power gained from influencing those people (sportswashing being the obvious but not unique one), etc. The gap I see in what is being said a lot right now is "Football is A, this is B" - that's not true. The ESL is an extension (and barely one at that) of what already happens today. These teams don't fear relegation - they are 99.9% sure to stay up - they just want more more more. The PL opened that door, Sky ran through it, we all watched it happen. Then Agents took hold, then super-agents, then BT and Amazon came along, FIFA and UEFA ballooned in to corrupt money pits. The game moved on from it's socialist roots before most people on here were out of school, many were not even born. The seeds were sewn, they've been harvested a few times before and this is just another one of those. Even if the ESL doesn't happen these 12 teams will increase their power and wealth... I mean, United are worth over $250 million more today than before the announcement. It's working, we're just angry about that.
  12. They are not trying to make money the way people think... this isn't the old way, it's the new way - online and international from the sport and in the markets from the business. The list goes on - the likes of Ipswich have more European trophies than some of the participants! Not if they can implement parts of the US system they like, given this is based on those. The can use the Collective Bargaining Agreements as a payments cap, put players in to bands etc. They just need to crush the domestic game first - give them a few years. In my industry we use "Legacy" to mean the things we're going to End of Life, but which we don't want to admit that about yet.....
  13. For anyone who's not paid the £3.99 for the monthly subscription to see it - Sign up for the annual subscription with the 7-day free trial, read it and immediately cancel.
  14. I've really enjoyed the last two Mando's that's for sure - though I know who basically no one is. But, they've been fun. That canyon battle amongst the rocks was fucking stupid though. That pissed me off a bit. I'm one behind on Discovery - maybe at lunch today I will get to it. I've actually enjoyed how it's swung toward monster of the week STNG/Voyager like.
  15. Speaking of which - new series starts soon!
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