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  1. For anyone who's not paid the £3.99 for the monthly subscription to see it - Sign up for the annual subscription with the 7-day free trial, read it and immediately cancel.
  2. I've really enjoyed the last two Mando's that's for sure - though I know who basically no one is. But, they've been fun. That canyon battle amongst the rocks was fucking stupid though. That pissed me off a bit. I'm one behind on Discovery - maybe at lunch today I will get to it. I've actually enjoyed how it's swung toward monster of the week STNG/Voyager like.
  3. Speaking of which - new series starts soon!
  4. I love it. Can't follow what's going on half the time, mind. But still... We should do this on WhatsApp really!
  5. Exactly. I think they've created a rod for their own back with some of it. Trying to be super-serious and losing sight of the fun. Which thankfully Waititi never does - because he's a fucking genius. What We Do In The Shadows is hilarious and brilliant. Hunt for the Wilderpeople is gorgeous. His Mando's are the best. etc. etc. Portal not being available to the current (last now, I suppose) gen of consoles is a travesty and the only reason I still have my Xbox in the loft. In fact I may get that down this weekend and smash through it. And yes, it's all created by Val
  6. I have a pretty low opinion of Marvel. It did something fun for a couple of movies, but mostly it made the same soulless over-busy shite for 10+ movies. I couldn't give a fuck about 90% of the characters at any given moment. There was just too much going on. I liked some stand-alone elements from within (Waititi's Thor), but I watched the last half dozen or more on planes because I wasn't ever going to pay for them. Maybe different if you've got kids who're excited by the spectacle of it? I suppose maybe those types of thing are just not for me though - because again I thought for
  7. @Matt I agree about Discovery. I want to like it. And S3 is giving me hope. But it's tough going at times. I've always been more of a Trek than Wars guy. I'd seen all of SNG and Voyager before I'd even seen the first three Wars movies. So it's a bias within that makes me want to watch. I also agree about Picard. The idea/ideals were sound, but again they tried to make it too Wars-y instead of making it what we loved about Picard. I did like that they aged him, and didn't try to make out like he was still some suave swashbuckling Captain. But by the same token, taking
  8. @Matt if you didn't like the books I don't imagine the show will hold much weight to be honest. I probably just found the books at the right time in my life, where I was especially angry with religion (now I'm just rationally angry with it). It is basically an allegory for the Catholic Church and its abuses of people, power and faith. I loved the books, and whilst the show doesn't hold up to them how I'd like, it is a million miles away from the movie. This is a HBO/BBC collaboration, so it doesn't suffer from the white-washing the movies did, the vile priests are vile, the charac
  9. That's some interesting insight. I'm terrible for reading (other than non-fiction online) and so I doubt I'd ever get to the comics. Thanks for avoiding spoilers that could come in to play for S3 onwards though. Same for me below spoilers...
  10. Banter is alive and well. It is bigotry and hatred which are unwelcome. Consent plays a part too, of course. Unfortunately places like twitter prove categorically that under the guise of free speech and a complete lack of concern over being "PC" what you are left with is vile hatred and aggression.
  11. The Boys goes pretty fucking far!! So I'm slightly terrified what was in the Comics, as I've not read them. I suppose the same is true of Watchmen, which doesn't hold back by TV standards but I know doesn't come close to the Comics. I have all of DEVS sat on my box and haven't got around to it - sounds like I should make the effort on that. Tales From The Loop is indeed absolutely stunning. I didn't entirely get it at first, but I could watch it all day just for how effortlessly beautiful it is. On a completely different tack, we just watched all of The Vow
  12. Queen's Gambit was fantastic. Loved it. The Boys (S2) was also brilliant recently. As was Watchmen (the HBO one). Just started The Vow (another HBO one, showing on Sky Docs rather than Atlantic) which is already looking great - that's the documentary about the sex cult Alisson Mack (kid actress) is in, which made the news about 2 years ago.
  13. It's exactly what I'd expect, to be honest. They are not renown for their moral compass and compassion, they are leaches on the game and making a massive amount of money doing it. Some of the super-agents working in places like Africa are borderline human traffickers at this point. It's insane.
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