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  1. I can’t believe after all this, Harry didn’t sit in his seat on Saturday. He sat in mine. The shit.
  2. Those squads were miles better than this tripe we’ve got now. They had Sheridan, Eyres, Carrs, Dux... They are a million times better than anything we’ve got now (maybe except Clarke)
  3. I was never really properly in the know, I just wanted to join in with the ITK lads
  4. No, I wish I had! He did say he wants to play but “it’s not me, it’s the club, they’ve f****d me.” Said hes training with the youth team, so I asked about Gerrard. That’s when he said they’d sacked him. That shocked me a bit so I asked “sacked him?” He said yeah, sacked him last night via email...you could hear the disgust in his voice when he said “via email”. If true, that’s pretty out of order I think. Asked him if he had anything lined up/any interest from other clubs and he said no. I did think he might have been making the Gerrard thing up
  5. Byrne was leaving as I’d just picked my ST up. Spoke to him and asked if he’d be playing again soon and he told me basically the same as what Jason Dunford’s tweet says. Said he’s training with the youth team. Asked him if Gerrard was training with the youth team too and he said no, cos they sacked Gerrard last night. Can’t see that last bit being true cos you can’t just sack football players, but I guess we will see.
  6. I couldn't really care less what other clubs think of them, and was only talking about our supporters. You called them bitter. They've every right to be pissed off with players who were a big part of the reason we got relegated from a division that we've stayed up in with far less talented teams.
  7. I don't get your point. Are you saying they weren't part of a team that got us relegated? Because they definitely were. And therefore, I don't see why many of our fans would have a good word to say about them.
  8. All players in a team that managed to get us relegated out of a division we'd been in for 20+ years. I'd be surprised if many (if any) had a good word for them.
  9. I’ve bought a 10 litre box off them a couple of times, they’re great. £30 for 18 pints... you can’t go wrong!
  10. They should get up to Greenfield brewery and get a load ordered. They do some lovely beers there, and it would be helping out a local business. Win win.
  11. I'd imagine that no one has paid full whack, and they've realised they won't sell any for a division lower at £420
  12. Teams need a grafter and ball winner in midfield. But they done need a Fane. He can’t kick a football. They need someone who grafts, wins the ball, and then can actually pass it or maybe even shoot when the opportunity arises.
  13. I don’t know anyone who has ever said an opinion that they agree with is utter bollocks. Seriously, you only say it about opinions you disagree with.
  14. Generally, when someone doesn’t agree with an opinion is when they’d call it utter bollocks.
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