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  1. As a thank you for your support Lads, you can have 15 minutes of jombati
  2. Can't believe i am watching a team currently heading ior a play off place,this league really is the absolute pits.
  3. Very sorry to hear of your loss Al_bro, rest in peace Ian.
  4. There was a protest at Old Trafford a couple of days ago,all that came out of that was the confirmation that those responsible were absolute wankers and a couple of Cops unfortunately got injured. If you don't like the shady goings on at BP don't give the club any of your hard earned.
  5. I am pretty sure uncle Keith will have the defensive unit operating like a finely oiled machine, probably 2 to 3 nil
  6. Wouldn't have made a difference at all,like Mcalaney,he is another who doesn't fit into this shite set up. Think yourself bloody lucky that both your morals and your tenner are still intact
  7. Good afternoon everyone,just got on to see Roy has everything in hand
  8. Hard luck there, we tried but despite setting up right and the players trying really hard Cambridge got lucky. Hope we have the rub of the green next time out. Well done Keith and the Boys,keep your chins up Oh and if i upset anybody here with my little outburst in the heat of the moment, i offer my apologies.
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