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  1. I enjoyed the game, i hope tomorrow will see us improve further and it was nice to see Bahamboula score a cracking goal as he has been a bit rubbish recently.
  2. Thought that Barnes could present more of a physical presence in the absence of Grant,but like you say who knows. I am pretty sure Kewell doesn't
  3. Oh, by the way i got 25 seconds in the sweep on Roy's phone ringing...... Come on !!!!!
  4. 3-1 to the Trannies i reckon but obviously would love to be proved wrong. Can't see the forward line clicking as well as at FGR who were,from a defensive point of view almost as poor as ourselves.
  5. Need Bambooler to step up now, been coasting along first half.
  6. I don't know which planet he is from but he is a dick
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