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  1. Whats going on the Offical WebSite it looks crap Youssouf M'Changama has signed a new 12-month contract for Latics. The 21-year-old midfield player will be staying at Boundary Park for the 2012/13 campaign. Though M'Changama has been training with Latics throughout pre-season, the paperwork has only just been completed.
  2. Simon Grayson has confirmed interest he is considering allowing Billy Paynter to leave Leeds United on loan. The former Swindon striker hasn't featured in the first team since the opening day of the season and has been linked with a host clubs in terms of a potential loan deal. "I have had call from a League One team about Billy," confirmed the Leeds boss. "We'll decide if it's the right thing to do. "One thing for certain is that we wouldn't consider Billy joining one of our rivals in the Championship so any deal would have to suit all parties, and by that I mean, us and Billy. "He wants to play games which he isn't doing at the moment and I have no problems with letting him out, but until we decide properly there's nothing doing." Billy joined the club from Swindon in the summer of 2010, but found appearances restricted due to injury last season and his only goal came in the 2-1 win at Preston on March. Could it be us as reid is out for upto 6weeks
  3. also text updates on burnleys web site http://www.burnleyfootballclub.com/page/LatestHeadlines/0,,10413~2402429,00.html
  4. Hi Peeps nathan here dose anybody fancy the cricket later 17:30 lancashire lightning vs worcestershire royals at oldham trafford i have a spare ticket up for grabs nathan 07542 696160
  5. dose the club actually have any Insurance. nobby_uk
  6. Love the ground breaking news this morning (NOT) anyway after looking the pictures of the pink kit i looks good but, i;m hoping the pictures were taken last week other wise there still seems to be a lot on snow covering the pitch and we have a match on it on saturday, having seen the weather report for the next few games it's goign to get very cold so the snow could still be there n Saturday morning but frozen.. nobby
  7. i can't see the club selling the land behind the ground in the next 2 years with finical market at the moment, so i can't see the new stand being built this side of 2012.......you could even put tyhe paddack seat back in the lookers for the away fans..................
  8. Nathan here I currently have 3 season tickets in the RRE Stand which cost me over £750.00 I have already had to move the seat because the club didn’t think at the start of the season to cordon of seats between the moat (i.e. big and small section) of the stand. I don’t mind having to swap tickets for big matches, but when you have to swap them twice well that’s enough I think. So next season if the club don’t so anything about it, i.e. like Blackpool put a temporary uncovered stand with 2 small burger vans and small toilets in stick the away fans in there and let them get wet and cold, rather than giving them the best stand in the ground……………………. i will not be renewing the tickets if the club don't do anything...............
  9. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/t...ted/7593683.stm
  10. One of the scrum was wearing a Manchester United Shirt under his hoodie..........he deserved to get thrown out for that...
  11. I was sat behind the Muppets, they all seemed to be kids mostly aged 15/16, once 5 off them were removed by the stewards (who were a bit nasty), not all the stewards were bad seemed to be 2 or 3 off them. I bet most off the trouble was caused by kids who didn’t pay to get in to the match.
  12. i have also spoken to the ticket office, the club are also having to put netting up between the divide in the stand..... not happy nathan
  13. Hi all I have recived a letter this morning from the club regarding new seating arrangments in the RRE Stand. please read taken from the letter. Dear Mr. G We have been instructed by Greater Manchester Police to make new arrangements in the Leesfield Developments stand for the remainder of the season and these will come into effect at our next home league game. This will entail us blocking off the first 5 seats of each row in the `I' section of the stand nearest to the segregation area due to the aggressive behavior adopted by some fans towards the visiting supporters. As a season ticket holder in this area we do realize that this is going to cause you some inconvenience, for which we apologize, but hope that you appreciate this has been forced upon us by the police who anticipate this move will see an improvement in the behavior of the fans concerned. We intend to make this new arrangement effective from the MK Dons game on the 13 September and would ask you to call in at the main Ticket Office so that we can allocate new seats to you. If you are able to call at the Ticket Office by Tuesday night, when we play Morecambe in the Johnstone's Paint Trophy, we will provide you with a free ticket for this game as a good will gesture. Once again please accept our apologies for this move but trust that you will understand that we have been instructed to take these steps. Alan Hardy Director/Chief-Executive - alan.hardy@oldhamathletic.co.uk
  14. nathan from pcassist here, i'm off work at the moment and so bored i've be playing round with some new desgin software, if anybody would like to see my new Oldham Athletic shirt desgin please follow this link http://www.flickr.com/photos/29470896@N06/...57606669775576/ please feel free to leave any coments for me and also pick an home and away shirt from there Nathan Gardner
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