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  1. I played it for a couple of weeks but got nowhere near the leader board.. in my opinion it was a waste of time but its free
  2. Any streams for today son has the nasty cough everyone has at the moment so missing 1st game for a while
  3. It's something to do with Beckham the press conference just said on talk sport
  4. All the Manchester fa courses were fully booked so the best other option was the Lancashire course. So will you be doing yours with the academy?
  5. I'm currently doing mine at Lancaster fa brilliant course learning so much, gutted it wasn't Pete wild taking it but the tutor is brilliant all the same
  6. Mine too this ifollow is shit cant get through a game without it going off!!
  7. The quality of the commentary is shite today
  8. Im really excited too, ive just started bringing my 4 year old lad and its been brilliant watching his face and seeing his reactin to us scoring and winning he is asking to return unlike my teenage son who was dragged and watched the tripe that was dished out over the lst 10-15 years
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