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  1. There appèars to be rail replacement bus services part of the way to gillingham from St Pancras, Victoria, bromley south etc
  2. I see Lancashire are playing at lords on Sunday 26 May 11am start. Anyone interested in cricket, beer and sunshine?!
  3. I'm planning on going in the new stand against Doncaster. Hopefully they serve beer. I'll be at Peterborough too as long as they don't make it to the fa cup 4th round!
  4. I'd be up for an organised home game as a change to an away game.
  5. Bet lee Johnson is too scared to drop kenny as he won't admit to making a mistake with him. Hope rachubka doesn't want to leave or we've had it.
  6. I'm in for the Fleetwood away game. I've heard the away end holds less than 1,000 so we may need tickets in advance.
  7. I've had a look at trains and there doesn't really seem to be any return trains for much under £70.
  8. Reckon I'll come up for this one too
  9. I'm on the 9.57 to chesterfield, and mark scoltock is on the 10.57 train. We're all on the 19.41 train coming back.
  10. It's Saturday 18 October. I've got my green cans of lager already!
  11. I'd forgotten about that bus ride to the ground. I'll save a can although I won't have a coat to hide it in!
  12. Dave Roberts has already got myself and Geoff tickets in advance for the 10.30 train! We'll see you all in colchester.
  13. I'm better at watching than playing cricket, but as long as it involves beer I don't mind!
  14. On the 10.30 train with Mark Oliver too
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