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  1. Agree with all of this he,s a leader, I wish the other members of the side would show his commitment.
  2. Come bp, which premier league side, are going to send us one of there starlets to get hoofed around in league 2 ?
  3. Who,s to say both Ishmael miller and Chris o Grady , wouldn’t be decent in league 2, both vastly experienced.
  4. I thought wellens was very one dimensional last season, seemed to have no plan b, he may be given the first half a dozen games next season to prove himself,the owner will want us straight back up next season. All about opinions personally I would have both him and terry on there bikes now, after the clueless end to last season.
  5. Was that the game ardiles hit the bar and it was still shaking a few minutes later lol, also kanchelski,s dribbled round at least five of of players in a friendly and scored I seem to remember.
  6. Asmir begovic played against us one season for Yeovil, he was excellent, wouldn’t have scored in a. month of Sunday’s.
  7. I have to agree with this either the last or second to last home game, he had 4 decent chances in the first half, scoring none, most of them would have gone in earlier in the season.he seemed to take that extra split second thinking time after the injury.
  8. I would keep Clarke out of the two also. Gerrard hasn’t looked fit since he’s been here, also he has the turning circle of a tank.
  9. Yeh I thought Ismael was decent for them at there place against us,then they took him off for some reason.
  10. I thought in the last 2 games , Ismail at bury, and Naismith for Portsmouth, had him on toast.
  11. It was nice to have a chat to a couple of lads from Germany yesterday.
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