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  1. Could have been an entertaining five day game had Lancs not lost it in the first half hour of day one.
  2. Especially Paul Allott joining in! Here’s hoping Somerset can see out the day after Warwickshire declare tomorrow! Or for a lot of unforcasted rain! Some crazy decision-making once the nerves set it but thankfully Vilas kept a cool head (aside from letting Blatherwick take that single!).
  3. So, I imagine much to @Bristolatic's disgust, we have to rejig the tables again. @Brisbanebluesigned up but sent his money to the wrong account, so now takes his place in the Championship. This works out very nicely for @BP1960 who, on the back of that, is promoted to the Premier League, making three divisions of 18 players each.
  4. Apologies to @Londonboy, whose entry I had missed. And to @alien who misses out on the free promotion to the Championship as a result. And to @Bristolatic, who now has to mend the tables as a result of my balls up. Line-up amended above.
  5. No idea who Edward is. But final line-up in edited post above.
  6. Edit: mystery solved - JohnnyPimp is in. Final line-up below. Pending confirmation of the mystery player's username, line-up by division as follows: Premier League @Hometownclub @singe @lookersstandandy @disjointed @astottie @24hoursfromtulsehill @GlossopLatic @stevesidg @oafcmetty @nzlatic @aidan_latics @rudemedic @Ex_pat @al_bro @Nohairdontcare @Handsy @JohnnyPimp @BP1960 Championship @milnrow latics @SAV @south east latic @LaticsPete @DavidCollinge Lawman @Laticsbiffo @Bristolatic @Stevie_J @Dave_Og @mick26 @JoeP @oafcmad09 @alisonh1981 @Sparkleking @tGWB @Londonboy @Brisbaneblue League One @alien @the_mighty_bosh @jbroyton @Dick_Valentine @JohnG123 @Gentleman @RobinsDuckEgg @deyres42 @futchers briefs @MrPartyPants6 @mackin89 @hinchy @Chaddyexile84 @4oakslatic @Mdireland88 @adamoafc @PeteWeb @Macca
  7. I’ve updated with those I’ve got payments for. Received payment from John Bush but with no username - can anyone help? I’m away from tomorrow morning until Monday so may struggle to update any further until then. I’ll confirm line-ups for each division next week.
  8. Slight correction - it has benefited Dr Kershaw’s in the past but proceeds now go to the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation, in memory of opinions4u.
  9. @Hometownclub @al_bro @alisonh1981 @RobinsDuckEgg @Nohairdontcare @Dick_Valentine @Handsy @lookersstandandy @BP1960 Lawman @Ex_pat @LaticsPete @tGWB @milnrow latics @adamoafc @DavidCollinge @deyres42 @hinchy @jbroyton @futchers briefs @SAV @Sparkleking @Chaddyexile84 @mick26 @24hoursfromtulsehill @alien @MrPartyPants6 @oafcmetty @aidan_latics @nzlatic @the_mighty_bosh @JohnG123 @PeteWeb @south east latic @Dave_Og @singe @stevesidg @rudemedic @Bristolatic @Laticsbiffo @4oakslatic @mackin89 @disjointed @Stevie_J @JoeP @astottie @Gentleman @oafcmad09 @GlossopLatic @Mdireland88 @JohnnyPimp @Macca @Londonboy @Brisbaneblue
  10. I’ll check on payments today and confirm who’s signed up.
  11. This was doing the rounds on Twitter a couple of weeks ago. Doesn’t take too much detective work to deduce who it is even from the official information out there now.
  12. Better late never, innit. It’s all over and, after recovering slightly from Sunday night’s penalty defeat, the final tables look like this. scottakie takes the title - it looks like a three-way tie but I believe Superbru gives the win to the player with most correct results in the event of a tie. Good effort from @jorvik_latic and @andy_b_100 to make up the deficit and go level on points at the top. @danielprops up the table and takes the wooden spoon. Thanks for playing all. Was a great tournament until Sunday!
  13. Thought Saka, for the first time in the tournament, was really poor last night. Presumably nerves played a big part in that and so I couldn't believe he was the one stepping up to take the fifth penalty. I actually said out loud, "NO! Saka's taking it!" I thought England's first half performance was nigh-on perfect, although Rice should have taken a booking and brought down Chiesa when he was charging down on goal but they got away with that. For what it's worth, I'm not Rice's biggest fan but he was tremendous last night - best I've seen him play by a distance. Second half England dropped deeper and sat off Italy and invited pressure. Southgate's approach was too cautious and the subs came too late. And he kept two in his back pocket for pens but neither paid off - although, I can see why he brought on Rashford as he has scored pressure penalties before. Really surprised more senior players didn't step up in place of Sancho and Saka. The national team is making progress and should get better with the young talent that's there. I hope Southgate sticks at it. The abuse aimed at the lads who missed penalties is shameful but, sadly, not a surprise.
  14. Going into tonight’s final, scottakie still clings to the top spot. There seems to be little hope of @daniel avoiding the wooden spoon. COME ON ENGLAND!
  15. The Japanese continue to wear masks for a period of time after having had a cold. Unlike here (until Covid came along), it is unacceptable to brave it out and turn up to the office coughing and sneezing too. I had a week off with the family last week and was out in the big wide world pretty much for the first time since last March and observed much of the same as you describe, including strutting, beefcake lads wearing masks on their chin, almost willing someone to challenge them.
  16. Here are the tables after the quarter finals. scottakie stays top of the table but, having looked like he might run away with it, he’s been reined in a little going into the semi finals stage.
  17. After the round of 16, scottakie appears to be running away with it. The Jorvik/maddog household leads the chasing pack.
  18. @Chaddyexile84 take the gold cap for the third round of games. RyanC98 takes the wooden spoon. Scottakie retakes top spot with a 3.5 point cushion. Here’s how the tables look after the final group stage fixtures:
  19. Bit late but, at the end of the second round of fixtures, the table looked like this. Me taking the gold cap doesn’t say much for the rest of you. BrockwellSwan scooped the wooden spoon.
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