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  1. Not even anyone being intentionally vague about what's going on. Someone's got to be ITK on here?
  2. Not one person has resented us doing well on this thread. Again... Moaning about supposed moaners that aren't moaning.
  3. Could easily end up being top scorers in this division. If we concede a third less, we'll do alright.
  4. Watching it 'live' on Bet365. Chuckled when I just got 'Connor Brown - Dangerous attack'.
  5. Too much slack mate. The decline was steady initially but was increasing daily (to the point we were close to admin if some sources are believed). We'd have been no better off with Corney at the helm. The damage was done and this charlatan was too self absorbed to realise. It needed root and branch. All under one umbrella. Wrong seller, wrong buyer.
  6. Reckon I got 10 downvotes on here for jokingly referencing his creepy smile on the day the promotional video came out. In retrospect, it may have been a sinister "you're all fucked", Bond villain, snarl.
  7. Always thought there should be "meet" at a boozer somewhere where everybody wears a name badge. Know a fair few off here but would make for a good night (even if a bit geeky).
  8. AL still wants his sexually aggressive foot rubs.
  9. Used to post on here from memory an all. Remember trying to blag some old BTB's.
  10. The real stories before it have made it debateable. And he just looks like a bit of a twat anyway.
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