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  1. Kewell had managed two clubs in the league, albeit one very briefly
  2. Fortunately with the Brexit rules, that will most likely rule out a Romanian Third Division manager. Unless they are from Britain of course
  3. He's been spotted at the club by people on twitter
  4. I agree on the loan situation. Poor organising.....unless we have turned a couple permanent that haven't been announced yet. Having said that I'm glad it didn't stop them getting Hilßner. Imagine the reaction if Garrity has been signed permanently. I expect if that has happened, the delay is due to the web guy not being able to bring himself to post it.
  5. I know months feel like years but Blackwood was previous window so can't use him to dam0en the excitement over this window
  6. Ahh yes. Well I'll add him to the need more time to judge column with Tasdemir
  7. Well Hilßner and Adams mean that it wasn't quite a waste. Imagine it without them. And lets give Tasdemir a chance before writing him off. Extending Clarke's loan may prove to be another positive from the window
  8. In his own words on his notts county unveiling: “I’ve got quite a lot of pace and power – I’m a fit lad as well who likes to go up and down. I’m a good set piece taker, too, and get quite a lot of assists.” “I’d never played men’s football before, so it was a great experience to play in the EFL this season,” he said. “The step up was tough – it’s a lot more rough and aggressive than Under 23s football – but I got used to it quite quickly and the more games I played, the easier it got for me.
  9. Although one current unnamed player thinks AL is doing his best and things are a lot better than 12 months ago. Probably narrows it down as not many wete here 12 montha ago that still are.. and it won't be Wheater with his NDA. Hamer, Fage, Pidge, CBJ or Dearnley?
  10. I think we might have to have a home grown player in matchday squads, so there will still be one even if they don't play/aren't ready to
  11. Well we thought it would be down to one of Grant or Garrity missing out due to being the 6th loan. Turns out the answer is McAlmont
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