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  1. Our former pre-season loanee makes his England debut between the sticks
  2. Well we have been saying we need more of a physical presence in midfield
  3. Missilou and Matty Palmer released by Swindon
  4. He was until they sold him to Swindon in January. Think it was a permanent move
  5. Contract up with Swindon this summer. If they extend we might face him next season. Managed to play for 2 league one clubs this season and both relegated i think.
  6. Yep Maouche and Missilou (not listed by the original poster). Maybe Emmerson will, if you include youth. Of those above, you would say Moimbe briefly playing MLS may have been a step up. I'd assume leage 2 in France might be of a higher standard, so Obadeyi might count too. Obviously our marquee loan signing Mr Menig is back in the top Dutch league as well
  7. Placide - plays in the Bulgarian First League for a team in Sofia. De La Paz - plays in the USL in America. Basically a Div 2 league but is professional. Moimbe - unattached. Played 4 games for Minnesota in the MLS in 2019, scoring 1 goal. Kyeremeh - Looks like he's on his 3rd Belgian club since leaving us. Currently listed as with FC Knokke in the Belgian 3rd tier. Obadeyi - Without a club since last summer when he was released by Sochaux in France's Ligue 2. Egert - signed for second tier Czech team in January. Branger-Engone - playing in the 4th tier in France. Think this is an amateur league. Sylla - playing in the 3rd tier of the French league. Azankpo - also playing in the 3rd tier of the French league. Kokos - seems to be unattached. Adams - playing for Clitheroe. Gonzales - currently playing in the 5th tier of the French League Akpa-Akpro - playing for Radcliffe. Sefil - plays in the top league in Luxembourg . Fane - has moved from the Malaysian super league to the top Indonesian league. Uche - playing for Hyde. Benteke - playing in 3rd tier in the Belgian league. Miller - looks to be unattached after leaving Tranmere after us. Vera - down in the 4th tier in Spain.
  8. Oldham Vending on the advertising hoardings. They won't be happy
  9. Twitter saying a keeper coming in on emergency loan from MK Dons. Obviously don't think much of Bilboe, if true
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