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  1. Someone on that twitter thread also suggesting Furman and Sheehan are two of the triallists
  2. Not that unusual for a first friendly when you have places to fill
  3. Apparently Steve Collis is the new GK coach
  4. Apparently Steve Collis is the new GK coach
  5. DMaarms on Twitter has said at least one in this week plus Blackwood's and McAleny's departures to be confirmed this week
  6. Should we be disappointed that hes gone elsewhere?
  7. Plus no big surprise as we loaned him from non league
  8. Is it Mo's signing announcement day today?
  9. Danny Ward is doing pretty well for Wales considering he hasn't played for his club for 4 years. Not that I'm saying Leutwiler will be that good but there are more half decent goalkeepers out there then starting spots. Doesn't mean all benchwarmers are rubbish
  10. DMaarms tweeting that Pidge and Blackwood likely to be leaving
  11. Has someone beat me to the 'hope is something we've been lacking' style puns?
  12. Former Oldham managerial applicant Gennaro Gattuso in talks with Spurs.
  13. Our former pre-season loanee makes his England debut between the sticks
  14. Well we have been saying we need more of a physical presence in midfield
  15. Missilou and Matty Palmer released by Swindon
  16. He was until they sold him to Swindon in January. Think it was a permanent move
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