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  1. Piergianni from Salford City maybe signing according to some of their fans
  2. Maybe my point should’ve been that with the worldwide reputation and experience that Scholes has compared to Darren Kelly or Frankie Bunn then he can’t be giving Scholes advice on football, or coming into the changing rooms after a loss or handing him a team sheet. He might be a shite manager in the end but he should be left alone to manage the club. Scholes more so than any other rookie manager we’ve had deserves the respect and time to get on with his job.
  3. True but they have to come with reassurance that they are allowed to progress the club forward in all areas not just on the pitch. Granted the club or AL doesn’t have money to throw about but there’s a way to conduct yourself as a football club.
  4. Whoever it is that comes in as manager, their first job needs to be re-building the reputation back of the club. We are a professional club on the face of things but are run worse than an amateur club. If you look at the training facilities in comparison to other clubs like Bury or Fleetwood then we are miles apart. I don’t know what the answer to this would be but I can’t imagine turning up for training on little Wembley or Chapel Rd everyday is something to look forward to. Just listening to David Dunn’s comments on how he was appointed manager, I was embarrassed as
  5. Wellens’problem and it showed on Saturday is that he never had one player on the pitch that was a leader. Someone that he could trust to calm things down when we were under pressure. Someone that would have a word with players on the pitch to get their heads up or to make the right decisions. (Moimbe -Blackburn and Gillingham) Sadly the one player we had that could do that played the rest of the season at Bury. People say Clarke has passed it. Wellens said himself after Saturday that sometimes the players that you need at this level are players that are maybe not the best but have the hea
  6. I went to school with him and his brother. He went to Firbank and North Chadderton school. He’s lived in a Royton all his life and now lives on Tandle Hill Rd. They had season tickets when they were younger.
  7. I'm away first week of September (I know) and subscribe to player. If I'm abroad can I watch the matches or do you have to buy the full season?
  8. Sacking Robinson is not what we need. He's as good a coach as we're going to attract at the moment. He clearly cares about the club and I feel he needs to be able to build something if we're ever going to survive as a club. We need to stop being so short term minded and build a club from the bottom up. He had 2-3 weeks to get a full squad together in summer and now he's only going to have another 2 weeks to get players he wants in. That's if the embargo is lifted. Sacking him is not justified in my opinion. Yeah we don't play attractive football but it is getting better. We don't concede man
  9. I think a lot of blame can be put on the current owners but for me, the questions should be asked of the fans that are staying away and the general population of Oldham. Do they really want a club in the town anymore? When it's gone, it's gone. The fans that are left don't get behind the team from the first whistle. We're even getting away fans now taking the piss out of our support. If the so called fans continue to stay away, then for me they are as much to blame as the owners. I get it's boring football at the moment but playing in front of our home crowd wouldn't inspire or motivate me
  10. Cold Tuesday night games won't attract anybody. To get that offer you had to go Tuesday. If you're sat at home on a Saturday morning, thinking about whether or not you want to go to the game, £24 would put you off straight away. Knowing that it's £16 and you can also get a pint before the game, all for £20 in total might make your decision to go. It needs to be £16 every game. When they do offers as a one off, we generally play crap. It's £24 next time they go!
  11. 1500 X £16 is £24000. Personally, I think £16 is about right and would have thought it would attract more than an extra 500 fans back.
  12. I had a Southampton fan sat behind me yesterday. Came to watch us then up for their game against City today.
  13. I think everyone is in agreement that someone from the club needs to come out and tell the fans what is happening, especially as they knew about the planned protest. Towards the end of the season I thought the club were doing quite well on communicating with the fans but ever since the speculation over Sheridan leaving it seems to have all gone quiet. Personally, I think something is in the pipeline. Either we are ready to enter administration or Corney has lined a buyer up and is trying to recoup as much money as possible before he goes. Each theory would explain why they were so desperate
  14. Weve got the Shez Super Jonny Shez! I just dont think you understand. He's Simon Corneys man He's better than van Gaal Weve got super Jonny Shez!
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