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  1. Adam’s constantly looks exasperated with the rest of the defence!
  2. Froze but working now after a refresh. Wish it would freeze Roy though...the guest presenter can’t say much without being interrupted with Roy’s take on the topic
  3. He's deferred a portion so all staff can be paid!
  4. Wheats has posted his weight on Instagram on several occasions recently in what I imagine is a Middle finger towards the ‘unfit’ allegation. His last post stated his weight was the lowest of his career. Of course low weight doesn’t essentially equate to football fitness but I’m sure he’s making a point.
  5. Unhappy player, got a fee, got a big wage off the books that hopefully we can spend wisely elsewhere. I was a fan of Rowe but if he don’t wanna be here there is no point keeping him.
  6. 30mins in. Good job Matt, interested in listening to the last 90mins. I ain’t a fan of KE. Something about him doesn’t seem right to me. Felt it as soon as he jumped on Twitter and knew it would end the way it did with him on there. I’ll continue to listen and see if my mind can be changed though.
  7. Yeh he agreed, no reason not to really. The issue was the ‘the top’ up part of it. He’s on like £3k a week i reckon and furlough tops out at £2.5k per month. That’s a drop of £9.5k per month, he won’t have accepted that. He’ll have wanted some top up money from the club which I’d say is understandable and this is the figure that was the issue.
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