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  1. Wheater is on Soccer AM tomorrow. Would love him to give some detailed thoughts on his departure as I’m sure they’ll ask but I’m sure nothing of interest will be said other than ‘it didn’t work out’ or something like that which is a shame.
  2. I’m not convinced this changes much from AL’s point of view. He is of course alienating himself further from the community and fans but he seems to be a very stubborn fella who is willing to dig his heals in. Hope I’m wrong of course...
  3. Think Curle looked at the squad and went for the tallest attacking player to play up top! He won’t stick with him there next game!
  4. Adam’s constantly looks exasperated with the rest of the defence!
  5. Awful standard. No one wants to hold onto the ball.
  6. Froze but working now after a refresh. Wish it would freeze Roy though...the guest presenter can’t say much without being interrupted with Roy’s take on the topic
  7. He's deferred a portion so all staff can be paid!
  8. Wheats has posted his weight on Instagram on several occasions recently in what I imagine is a Middle finger towards the ‘unfit’ allegation. His last post stated his weight was the lowest of his career. Of course low weight doesn’t essentially equate to football fitness but I’m sure he’s making a point.
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