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  1. Scholes won’t be at Salford long. He’s only temp manager isn’t he?
  2. The flood lights have been on the brink for a number of seasons. My mate who’s a sparky has worked on them numerous times to get them to the minimum standard required. I think its got to the point that they are that bad some companies won’t work on them anymore without significant spending to get them safe and to an appropriate standard rather than short term/cheap fixes.
  3. Twitter is a funny platform. Decent to interact with fans but you can quickly tweet too much and get to involved in what people message you about and he is falling into this trap already. Using Capital letters never help haha. Wish him well of course but not sure Twitter is the way to communicate for someone at his level at the club.
  4. Wheater accepted furlough the issue was the top up % he was offered by AL. He’ll be on way more than the max £2500 monthly furlough contribution and I’m sure his bills/lifestyle are above that. I bet AL offered to top it up another £50 and Wheater gave him the Same issue was with woods and Rowe but it seems Rowe got sorted out in the end.
  5. Looks like they have been placed by a bloke with a white stick in the stand that gets the most rain so they’ll all be soaked and mis shaped. Exactly what we expected to be fair and that’s the sad state of our club at the moment. Clueless and uninterested in fans!
  6. He can’t do anything if he’s under contract with us and unable to move elsewhere regardless of his intentions.
  7. What’s happened here?!?! Thought this was a transfer thread not covid!
  8. Not sure but he’d prob rather stay unemployed than play for this owner!
  9. I would suggest not. Especially as band incomes will be at an all time low in the current climate.
  10. Kind of surprised it’s took them so long to ask. Shows how uninterested they have become in fans and trying to keep them involved during the current climate. Proof that noone in the club is forward thinking and able to take the club forward for me.
  11. Haha how an earth would a fan know about this. Prob just seeing Oldham is in local lockdown and adding 2+2 and coming up with 7.
  12. Roy needs replacing ASAP. Make up a roll for him like ‘club historian’ and keep him involved but he needs to step away from the media stuff now and let it develop. Should get a fan on there alongside the other lad as he seemed decent on the commentary.
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