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  1. We have 59 new likes since we promoted it. That doesn't specifically mean extra cash. But id does mean our next even can be reaching more people that way.
  2. download the app if u can mate. If not you just find the retailer you want, click the link and shop as normal.
  3. George cost us £10k in august and rhys cost just over £10k. Over £20k raised in 12 months is an emmense effort from everyone. As tracy says, there are currently around 60 contributors, but i think that has shot up in the last fortnight. The potential is there for all to see. Thank you all for your continued support. If anybody has any questions, or wants a standing order form, feel free to PM me.
  4. There was an issue with shading on the pitch due to the roof being installed.
  5. Thank you ktf. Any pledges gor tonight? I will pledge £5 if we are 5th after the game and another £5 for a mills goal tonight.
  6. It was the legal advice given when the trust was formed. I wasn't around the trust then so i personally can't go further than that.
  7. We're working on getting it in the program and the chron but having some formatting issues.
  8. Playershare has a seperate bank account. My apologies tracy. Got a bit keen with the notes.
  9. Trust fans meeting 02.02.15. At the laticZone 7.15pm In attendance from the Trust: Diane Mellor, Simon Colebrook, Simon Brook, Rick Attwood, Chris Hill & Tracy Wright In attendance from the club: Jenny Warburton & Mark Moisley Guest: Paul Whithead Fans: Jan Curtis, A Binns, M.Lund, B.Griffiths, J.Griffiths, E. Winterbottom, J.Winterbottom, Kevin Birkett, Martin Brierley, Tom ODea, Will Gough, Mark Harrington and Trevor Varley Welcome by Simon Brooke to the fans, guest from the club and Paul Whitehead. A whos who on the trust committee and then opened the question and answer ses
  10. Underdog took notes. She'll post them on here i'm sure when she's typed them up. No minutes as such as it was an open forum.
  11. The standing order form is now downloadable in the playershare standing order form thread.
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