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  1. Hello all - I need any pictures anyone might have from the 1990 Littlewoods Cup Final at Wembley? Unfortunately, all those I’ve found online are copyrighted and charge extreme amounts to purchase even a single picture. if anyone has any pictures from the final stored, could they please kindly send on jpeg files to my email? Any support here would be greatly appreciated. Email is ryanlee555@hotmail.com I am using the pictures to have professionally printed and added to a frame which includes Rick Holden’s match worn shirt on the day. T
  2. Rarely comment on here - but what a guy. Amazing patriot of the club and no doubt will be sorely missed by those who have worked closely with him, family and friends.
  3. Surprised about Kettings - not featured much due to Connor's dominance, however looked very, very ropey in the games he played (namely Check-a-trade). Agree with rest.
  4. Still require if anyone knows of or can sort me a ticket........ Ta!
  5. Hello all, After 1 (2 if possible but 1 sufficient) for Fleetwood Saturday - please message me and i'll sort cash and meet immediately. Thanks in advance. Ryan
  6. Has anyone got a spare ticket they could source me for Saturday's game? Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers.
  7. He means what's your source - e.g. WHERE ARE YOU GETTING THIS INFORMATION FROM? - MUG!
  8. Hello, I am in need of a massive favour. Does anyone still have the pull out from the Oldham Chronicle from the Monday after the Liverpool Victory? I am wanting to put together a compliation of memorabilia of the day in a frame as a present for my father and was hoping to use some of the pull-out to add to it. Anyone with a copy it would be much appreciated if I could have it? Would be willing to pay a small fee if required? Thanks, Ryan
  9. Spoken briefly with Chambers and it looks like Mido is the big name - another big striker up top!
  10. Can anyone give me a sun football promotion token they have spare for tonights game. Will cone grab it but need before 1pm?!?!! Pleaseeeee
  11. If anyone wants this you can meet me before the game or Can meet me at BP Monday/Tuesday to grab?
  12. Or can we turn up and pay on the day for the awya end? Thanks,
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